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Inhumans Prime One-Shot Introduces Marvel’s ‘Inhuman-Verse’

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Inhumans Prime One-Shot Introduces Marvel’s ‘Inhuman-Verse’

The Inhumans are getting a new lease on life. ScreenRant reports that Marvel Comics will launch an all-new “Inhumans Prime” one-shot next spring for the purpose of reintroducing new and old fans alike to the growing Inhuman corner of the Marvel Universe. Penned by Al Ewing and drawn by Ryan Sook, “Inhumans Prime” will join Inhuman fan-favorite characters like Ms. Marvel and Quake with the Inhuman Royal Family and more.

“It’s really what sets the landscape for the Inhumans Universe going forward,” editor Charles Beacham explained. “As we were putting together these books and talking to the creative teams, it was really amazing how organically these stories came together and we were able to come up with an overall mission and how these things tie together and went off on their own, into their own, to be able to explore there different corners of the Marvel Universe. So this ‘Inhumans Prime’ one shot is setting up that story and showing where the Royals are and what’s happening for them as they decide to go off on this adventure: where these other Inhumans are; why they have this need to form this team together. Kind of sets up ‘Black Bolt’s’ new status quo and teases where we’re going to find him when his book starts. Just setting the landscape, laying the groundwork for what things are going to look like in April and May and going forward.”

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“Yeah, the ‘Prime’ one shot that Al Ewing and Ryan Sook are cooking up is designed to be just that — an introduction for people who aren’t familiar with the characters and kind of a hook for people who are already into the characters. It’s designed to definitely appeal to people who haven’t been reading the books and have heard things on the TV show and are curious. It’s a great way of meeting everybody before we launch these books,” added editor Wil Moss.

Asked whether or not we’d see any crossovers between Marvel’s upcoming Inhuman titles, Moss said that there’d be “connective tissue” between them, but each title will stand on its own legs. Beachum went on to add, “They all kind of pick up at the end if ‘Inhumans vs X-Men’ and then ‘Inhumans Prime’ is kind of the kick-off that starts all of these things, and we get to see the fallout and where these characters are going to go.”

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As to those upcoming Inhumans titles, Beachum explained, “The ‘Royals book is going to feature a lot of the characters you know but in a situation and a setting that’s totally different. It’s like ‘Mad Max’ in space, to a degree. We’ve got this ‘Black Bolt’ book that’s, I don’t even know, to call it just a prison book is underselling it. It’s something that’s almost a new genre we’re creating right there. The ‘Secret Warriors’ book is just going to be a really excellent superhero team book. It’s going to be in the mold of Claremont and Byrne on ‘X-Men,’ Perez and Wolfman’s ‘Teen Titans’. It’s something that’s going to be swinging for the fences in terms of being a really great, fun, adventurous team book.”

“Inhumans Prime” arrives as part Marvel’s “ResurreXion” in spring 2017.


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