Inhumans: Judgment Day Will Be 'Capstone' To Recent Storylines


Marvel's Inhumans have been all over the place (literally) since their war with the X-Men came to a close in 2016. The Royal Family are in space, looking for something that could save their race; Black Bolt just broke out of an intergalactic prison with Lockjaw and a new adoptive daughter; and the Earth-bound Inhumans are dealing with problems of their own.

It's time for at least the first two of those thread to come together, an event that will take place in an upcoming one-shot from Al Ewing and Mike del Mundo.

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Revealed during the Marvel Legacy panel at New York Comic Con, the Judgement Day one-shot will unite the various Inhuman books' storylines for a grand finale. "It's where all these different plots come to a head," said Ewing, who just so happens to Royals. "It's Earth versus the Progenitors...it's going to be the capstone to this Inhumans story we've been telling."

Both Black Bolt and Medusa will be a part of the one-shot's cast, presumably along with the rest of the Royals. (Minus the one who's fated to die during their trip to space, of course.) It's unclear at this time whether other Inhuman characters, such as those in Secret Warriors or Ms. Marvel will be drawn into this one-shot as well.

Inhumans: Judgment Day, with a cover by Daniel Acuña, will arrive in January.

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