Inhumans: What the TV Premiere Had That the IMAX Version Didn't


WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the broadcast premiere of Marvel's Inhumans.

As promised, the broadcast premiere of Marvel's Inhumans included footage that wasn't seen in the drama's IMAX debut. In fact, based on tonight's back-too-back episodes, two entire subplots were omitted from the theatrical run: the background and motivation of Ellen Woglom's new character Louise, and Maximus' dealings with the Inhuman Genetic Council and his captive, Crystal.

In Inhumans' IMAX premiere, Louise appeared only in one, brief scene. When the lunar rover she pilot was destroyed by Gorgon, she reacted with shock, but that's all we saw in theaters of the new character. In the broadcast premiere, however, we learned more about her.

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For instance, Louise is the only member of her team to recognize Gorgon's foot as a hoof, which led her to develop theories about the lunar rover's crash and subsequent disappearance. In a frank discussion, her boss reveals that Louise is widely considered to be brilliant, if a little nutty. With a heavy dose of dramatic irony, Louise discovers that four Inhumans left the moon and landed on the Hawaiian island of O'ahu -- even though she doesn't quite understand what her findings mean.

When Louise offers this theory to her boss, he "relieves her of her duties," and she seizes the opportunity to take some time off. The next time we see her, she's packing up her office and forlornly looks at a photo of an older man whose identity isn't revealed, then picks up a necklace with a charm shaped like a rocket. She then quickly grabs her bags and leaves.

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In her final scene of the premiere, Louise gets in the back of the cab. As she sits down, the TV screen on the back of the seat in front of her changes to breaking news out of Hawaii. A video is shown of Black Bolt flipping a police car using only his voice. Louise seems to put two and two together and then heads off on a journey that will lead her to Hawaii and the royal Inhumans.

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