Inhumans Stars Talk Medusa's Hair & Black Bolt's Sign Language

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During the recently concluded Comic-Con International, new trailer for Marvel's Inhumans was released, featuring new footage of the Inhuman city Attilan, characters Karnak, Gorgon and Triton, as well as new scenes between Medusa, Maximus and Black Bolt. In one scene, when Maximus challenges Medusa, her hair, like a crimson serpent, whips towards Maximus. It was the first time the Marvel character's "enhanced" hair had been seen in action, and as we would learn, much like Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation, it has a power and attitude all its own.

Speaking with CBR and other press outlets at SDCC, Serinda Swan, Anson Mount and showrunner Scott Buck answered questions on Medusa's hair and the challenges that come with Black Bolt's self-imposed silence. Swan recalled watching her hair come to life in the new trailer with fans at their panel. "It’s amazing," Swan said. "Everybody saw the hair last night at the same time I saw the hair [for the first time], so I was sitting there going -- I know what happened when it first came out -- and now I’m sitting in a room full of people that love her and might attack. I know Marvel, they are incredible. When they do CGI, it blows me away, so I know that it was going to be amazing."

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Swan's character, Medusa, is the leader of the Inhumans alongside her husband, Black Bolt. Her character has been part of Marvel for decades, but this is the first time she has come to the life in live-action. "You know how much people love this character, she’s been around since 1965, she’s diverse, she has so many storylines going on," Swan who also revealed that her hair has its own attitude, said. "I’m a fan trying to engage the fans. So the hair, from day one, even when I put the wig on -- it’s four and a half feet long -- the first thing I did was ‘the Cher.' I was like, ‘Oh, my God -- this is amazing!’ I went outside to do ‘the Pantene’ and became a hair caterpillar because it was so windy. There were some trials and tribulations, but when you get to play a character as iconic as Medusa, you deal with it. You figure it out."

Anson Mount, who plays Black Bolt, added, "You know what I loved about the CG -- what really works the best in CG are the little things -- like when Maximus first touches her, and her hair goes ‘whoosh’ it’s so effective. Then, at the end [of the trailer], her hair whipped over her shoulder by itself. It’s always the little stuff that makes us lean forward. The director that uses CG the best is Guillermo del Toro; he builds as much as he can, then adds the little CG elements, like the fish guy in Hellboy, the [eye]lid flick, it’s just so effective."

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