Inhumans: History of Marvel's Royal Family

The next big change in the world of the Inhumans occurred when Thanos showed up on Earth to conquer the planet while the main Avengers were off in space fighting a great alien threat (working with Ronan and the Shi'ar Empire to do so) called the Builders.

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Thanos was looking specifically for his last son that Thanos had not been able to kill, a half-Inhuman. Thanos wanted Black Bolt to kill all Inhumans between a certain age for him and he also wanted Black Bolt to hand over the Terrigen Crystals to him. Black Bolt had other plans (Black Bolt tends not to involve the rest of the Royal Family in his major plans. It is kind of rude).

So in Infinity #3, Maximus first evacuates every Inhuman from Attilan...

And then Black Bolt destroys the city and the Terrigen Crystals, to keep them out of Thanos' hands!

What Black Bolt possibly did not factor into this decision is that such an explosion would turn the Terrigen Crystals into a giant Terrigen Mist. Said Mist would now float over the entirety of the globe. As we mentioned earlier, before the Inhumans sealed themselves off millennia ago, they had interbred with other Homo Sapiens. Now, thousands of years later, the descendants of those people were just living their lives around the world when suddenly they were contacted with the Terrigen Mists and were transformed into Inhumans...

Medusa had to pick up the pieces (literally in the case of putting Attilan back together) and become the new head of the Inhumans, who were now overflowing with new members (dubbed NuHumans) in an event called "Inhumanity"...

With their new, increased status position on Earth, the Inhumans soon had two ongoing titles, Uncanny Inhumans (starring Medusa and her main team of Inhumans) and All-New Inhumans (starring Crystal traveling the world, meeting NuHumans and letting people know that the Inhumans mean no one any harm).

Another problem crept up, though. You see, the Terrigen Mists, while fine for Inhumans, proved fatal for anyone who was a mutant. This, then, led to a confrontation between the Inhumans and the X-Men over the Terrigen Mists. It was the focal point of the Inhumans' heritage, but it was killing the X-Men!

In the end, Medusa shocked everyone by siding with the X-Men and getting rid of the Terrigen Mists. Now, the Inhuman Royal Family have decided to leave Earth on a journey to the stars to secure the future of their race...

There are clearly lots of interesting storylines over the years that the Inhumans TV series could easily adapt if they make it past this first season.

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