Inhumans: History of Marvel's Royal Family

In the classic 1998-1999 maxiseries Inhumans, by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, everything is thrown up in the air. Attilan returned to Earth, and Maximus used the fact that the world now knew the Inhumans exist as a reason for why they would suddenly distrust this giant city filled with superhumans. Meanwhile, the whole Inhumans caste system is thrown into disorder as a genetically "superior" Inhuman underwent Terrigenesis (the process in which Inhumans are exposed to their famed Terrigen Mists and mutated into new beings) and became an Alpha Primitive.

Inhuman society almost collapsed over that revelation, and Black Bolt's refusal to respond to the threats of the United Nations (Maximus sure did know how to turn a crowd against someone). In the end, though, both issues settled themselves ... for now.

A year later, things were thrown out of whack again, when Ronan the Accuser showed up to bring the Inhumans back to the Kree Empire, where they were intended to be used as the weapons for the Kree as they had originally been designed.

Naturally, Black Bolt resisted and he ended up winning the Inhumans' freedom by defeating Ronan in battle. The problem was that Black Bolt didn't realize how many of his people sort of liked the idea of being tied to the Kree and having a purpose. It was an uneasy situation when he returned the Inhumans to Attilan (which they moved back to the moon). The Royal Family was exiled once more. They, of course, then came back soon after.

Next, Quicksilver caused some trouble when he stole the Terrigen Crystals to regain his powers after his sister, the Scarlet Witch, had temporarily stripped the powers from most of the mutants on Earth. When Quicksilver was captured, but the United States wouldn't give the Terrigen Crystals back? That led to a brief war between the Inhumans and the United States...

The end result was a rise to power again for Maximus...

However, it was then revealed that this Black Bolt was actually a Skrull and so the Inhumans fought the Skrulls to return their true king to them...

Now that he was back in charge, Black Bolt made a dramatic decision. Before, the Kree had tried to take control of the Inhumans, but if the Inhumans were designed to be the perfect weapons of the Kree, why then, shouldn't the Inhumans just take control of the Kree? So Black Bolt turned Attilan into a giant space ship and headed to Hala, the homeworld of the Kree, and promptly took over. They also worked out a political marriage where Ronan and Crystal would marry, to signify a new era between the two eras of the Kree Empire. The problem with the timing of this particular decision is that it happened right when the Kree Empire was about to be pulled into a conflict with the Shi'ar Empire, now ruled by the insane Emperor Vulcan (the brother of Cyclops and Havok). In the end, Black Bolt sacrificed himself to kill Vulcan to end the conflict and that left discord among the remaining Inhumans as to who, exactly, should be their leader. Medusa? Ronan? Maximus, perhaps (Maximus answers "Maximus should rule!" to pretty much any situation)

This is the Inhumans, however, so every time that it seems like their status quo had dramatically changed, they eventually go back to their old ways.

And sure enough, Black Bolt turned out to be alive and the Inhumans decided to move back to having Attilan be on Earth, but now it was a floating city in the skies about Earth.

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