Inhumans: Ellen Woglom Sheds (Some) Insight on Her Mysterious Character

Though most of the characters featured on the upcoming Marvel's Inhumans TV show were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby back in the Silver Age of comic books, at least one is totally original to the series: Louise, as played by Ellen Woglom.

Up to this point, not much has been said about Louise -- and even her first name was withheld from the show's initial rounds of press, before it was disclosed last month at Comic-Con International in San Diego. It's known that Louise has a passion for all things space and lunar, and that she's a human without powers -- but she has been exposed to the Terrigen Mist. The character sounds like an entry point for the audience to the weird world of the Inhumans Royal Family, but plenty more remains to be revealed.

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Of course, just because Louise isn't from the comics doesn't preclude the possibility that she may be destined to effectively take the place of a character from the comics. Prior to Comic-Con, much of the discussion around Woglom's character centered on the theory that she may have been playing Special Agent Abigail Brand, the commander of space-focused S.H.I.E.L.D. offshoot S.W.O.R.D. -- and given how little we know about the character, it's at least worth a guess that she may end up playing a similar role. Heck, it's probably also worth speculating that the fact that her last name hasn't yet been revealed could also be of some importance, at least until it's established otherwise.

Woglom spoke to press including CBR earlier this year during a visit to the Hawaii set of Inhumans, where she revealed as much about her character as she could -- and spoke about the experience of shooting in the IMAX format, as the show's first two episodes will premiere Sept. 1 in IMAX theaters (advance tickets are now on sale) before debuting its eight-episode first season Sept. 29 on ABC. A slightly condensed version of Woglom's conversation with CBR and other outlets follows.

Inhumans cast members Anson Mount, Iwan Rheon, Serinda Swan and Ellen Woglom.

What can you tell us about your character? Who is she, what's her personality, how does she fit into the world of Inhumans?

Ellen Woglom: She's incredibly smart, incredibly focused; loves all things lunar, space. To a degree, she sort of has blinders on about it, and it can sometimes cause her to maybe not pick up on social cues all the time, or maybe say things without thinking about them first. She also is a very fun character, because she's very quirky. It's been really fun.

Is she our point of entry? It doesn't sound like she's part of the Royal Family, then, if she's obsessed with all things lunar. Is she sort of our point of entry as human eyes to meeting the Inhumans?

Well I don't know about that -- but [yes], point of entry. [Laughs]

How is the Inhumans as a property set apart from other MCU shows and movies? What gives it its unique flavor?

I think one of the things that the audience will appreciate a lot about the show and what makes it unique is that at the end of the day, it's a family show. It's about a family, so you've got all these dynamics that I think people can relate to, even though it's this fantastical world, and there's the moon, and they're Inhumans, and all of that. It's relatable because it's very much about the fact that life is not always black and white. People aren't black and white. No one's only good and only bad. People can be both good and bad. Family dynamics are a complicated thing. I think that is, to me, one of the most interesting parts of it, because it's relatable.

You mentioned good and bad -- is your character good or bad?

I hope that I'll get to be a little bit of both. But I don't know.

Interested to hear about the tone of the show -- Inhumans has a very specific tone in the source material, with not a lot of wise-cracking like some other Marvel characters. What's the tone so far?

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