New Inhumans Character Posters Highlight the Royal Family

Following the exclusive debut of the new Black Bolt image earlier today on CBR, Marvel has released all seven character posters showcasing the Royal Family from Inhumans.

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The posters feature King Black Bolt, Queen Medusa, Maximus, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak and Triton. Alas, Lockjaw is excluded from this round.

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The eight-episode series centers on the Royal Family of the Inhumans, a race of genetically advanced humans with extraordinary powers introduced in 1965 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in Marvel’s Fantastic Four. After the Royal Family of the Inhumans is splintered by a military coup, they barely escape to Hawaii where their surprising interactions with the lush world and humanity around them may prove to not only save them, but Earth itself.

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The first two episodes of Inhumans premieres Sept. 1 in IMAX theaters, followed by their broadcast debut Friday, Sept. 29, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

The drama stars Anson Mount as Black Bolt, Iwan Rheon as Maximus the Mad, Serinda Swan as Queen Medusa, Ken Leung as Karnak, Isabelle Cornish as Crystal, Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon, Mike Moh as Triton and Sonya Balmores as Auran.

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