Marvel's December Solicits May Spoil a Major Infinity Wars Plotpoint

The Marvel Universe is borked right now. That will come as no surprise to readers of Infinity Wars, a series that has seen everything Marvel get chopped and screwed by an Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Gamora. Infinity Wars #3 revealed Gamora's plan to keep those pesky superheroes from meddling in her grand work -- just fold the universe in half, of course. The product of that move has been… disorienting, resulting in the creation of Infinity Warps, heroes fused together by the power of the Infinity Stones.

While the introduction of the fused character has resulted in some interesting interactions already, one question has been on everyone's lips: Okay, but how do the Infinity Warps get un-warped? A solicit for the upcoming Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker #4 might reveal exactly how the fused heroes get pulled apart. Once again, that process looks to be incredibly disorienting for all involved.

Here's the solicit, for reference, with a brief breakdown following:


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  • Lost in the Warped reality Requiem has left in her wake, Sleepwalker is desperately trying to save the Mindscape from being devastated by the chaos in Soul World. Can his warp vision even make sense of this madness?
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Debuting in Sleepwalker #1 in 1991, Sleepwalker was created by Bob Budiansky and Bret Blevins. While the character might not be on the tip of most Marvel fans' tongues, he nonetheless plays in important role in holding the Marvel Universe together.

Sleepwalker is named after his race of people, who long served as the guardians of the Mindscape, the realm of dreams. Basically, they were dream cops who would apprehend or destroy any threat that tried to worm its way into the sleeping minds of humans. Sleepwalker was once one of those ethereal creatures, until he was trapped in the body of a man named Rick Sheridan by an old adversary, Cob Web.

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Rick and Sleepwalker eventually did the thing most supernaturally-afflicted people do in the Marvel Universe -- they became superheroes. Sleepwalker lent his strength to Rick, while Rick lent his body to Sleepwalker. Together, they battled a weird, colorful rogues' gallery, but the relationship was always a strange one, especially considering that, as cool as his origin story may sound, Sleepwalker doesn't really have any off-the-chart powers to speak of.

The one thing he does have, though, is his Warp Vision, sometimes called the Warp Gaze. Sleepwalker's Warp Vision is an odd power, but it is one that could completely change the game when it comes to Infinity Wars. Warp Vision allows Sleepwalker to temporarily warp physical objects -- everything from upending a sidewalk to capture a thief to fashioning his own Spider-Man suit.

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Sleepwalker's Warp Vision can also be used on living things, which can banish demons, heal a possessed person or reveal someone's true nature, depending on the situation. The solicit for Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker #1 teases that the hero might be looking to use his Warp Vision to untangle the Infinity Warps from each other. Whether this will work is open for debate, as the Infinity Warps' affliction is not necessarily supernatural in origin (though that opens a whole other discussion about the nature of the Infinity Stones).

One other, little known thing about Sleepwalker's Warp Vision, though, is that, when used on a living being, it causes intense, immediate pain. So, even if Sleepwalker can pull his warped Marvel allies apart again, it's almost certainly going to suck. Still, it's hard to imagine Emma Frost wanting to be fused with Wolverine any longer than she needs to be, so, you know: No pain, no gain.

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