Infinity Wars: Wait - Maybe [SPOILER] Is Requiem's True Identity


WARNING: The following story contains spoilers for Infinity Countdown #5, on sale now, and potential spoilers for Marvel's upcoming Infinity Wars event.

Marvel Comics has once more put the six Infinity Stones in the spotlight in Infinity Countdown, with things set to come to a head in Infinity Wars. There, the heroes and villains wielding the gems are expected to face off against a multiversal threat, the sword-toting villain known as Requiem, who wants to collect the stones for an as-yet unrevealed reason.

That's usually a task associated with Thanos, and while the Mad Titan will be figuring in this battle, Requiem is being billed as the primary antagonist of this status-quo shattering event. With speculation rife as to the true identity of this villain, witnessed throughout Infinity Countdown overseeing the forging of her armor from a dwarf on Nivadellir, Infinity Countdown #5 offers another possible clue regarding the warrior's identity.

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Judging by the argument that breaks out between the Guardians of the Galaxy and the subsequent team split, there's a pretty solid possibility Gamora is actually the one who sets off to mask up as Requiem.

In this issue, Gamora and the rest of the Guardians on the alien world of Oblitus are discussing a way forward as Star Lord aka Peter Quill has the Power Stone. However, they encounter Adam Warlock and Kang, with the former revealing he possesses the Soul Stone (which he got hold ahold of by bringing Galactus back as a devourer of worlds in order to defeat Ultron).

Gamora wants access to the artifact though, as piece of her soul, which manifests as an old woman, is still lodged inside there from a time when she died and her essence was stored within.

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However, Warlock doesn't grant her this wish as he believes it's unsafe, which leads to her trying to fight him. Drax, however, after briefly wielding the stone sides with Warlock, telling her the Soul Stone is no longer a heaven and it mustn't be opened. Drax, who ironically got hold of the Power Stone for the Guardians, leaves with the duo on a quest for the Time Stone, recognizing a wave of death is coming.

Enraged, Gamora instructs her posse to hunt them, but they choose not to. She feels betrayed by Rocket and Groot, and even punches Quill, somewhat amused by how "spineless" they've become in her eyes. Gamora feels deserted because she wants that fragment of her soul free and she departs vowing, "I will do what must be done."

Quitting the Guardians like this hints she's going after the Soul Stone herself. When you consider her level of knowledge regarding the Infinity Gauntlet, she has the motivation as well to become a truly formidable threat. Also, who wouldn't want the power to reshape the universe in their hands once all six stones are collected?

Seeing as Requiem's rocking a sword (Gamora's signature weapon) and is said to have close ties to Thanos (Gamora's his adopted daughter in the comics), it's easy to picture the ex-Guardian armored up, driven by a vendetta to become whole again, and harnessing the energies of all six stones.

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The Asgardians of the Galaxy previews hinted Requiem could be Nebula, while Terraxia (Thanos' dead lover) and Phyla-Vell (a former Captain Marvel and Quasar) have also been mentioned as potential candidates. But as it stands, Gamora is the person who seems hellbent on getting her way as Requiem, especially as she already knows some of the people guarding the stones, making them easy targets once she's upgraded to the right tools for the smash-and-grab job at hand.

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