Infinity Wars #3 Introduces Wolverine's Infinity Warp

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Infinity Wars #3 by Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato Jr., Frank Martin and Cory Petit, in stores now.

In June, Marvel teased the arrival of Infinity Warps, a project that would spin out of the events of the Marvel cosmic series, Infinity Wars. We knew very little about the Warps, save for the fact that they were the result of blending two characters together to create a new hybrid hero. For example, Doctor Strange and Captain America were mashed to create the Soldier Supreme, and Iron Man and Thor were warped into the Iron Hammer.

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With the release of Infinity Wars #3, we finally find out how the Infinity Warps have come to be. For the past three issues of the series, Gamora has gone after control of the Infinity Stones -- something she succeeded in doing rather rapidly. With all six gems in her possession, Gamora folds reality in on itself, creating a new universe where every two people have been warped into one. Stephen Strange and Steve Rogers become the Soldier Supreme, Spider-Man and Moon Knight become the Arachknight, and so on and so forth.

These were all characters that had been announced prior to the release of Infinity Wars #3. However, the issue sees the surprise addition of Wolverine's Infinity Warps, and he's blended with a character likely nobody would have guessed: Emma Frost.

Infinity Warps Wolverine

The Warps version of Wolverine first appears in a two-page spread that reveals many of the new blended characters, following the creation of this new reality. But while characters like the Ghost Panther, Weapon Hex and Iron Hammer are all named, Wolverine isn't. He is still recognizable as Wolverine, with his bulky stature, his claws and his distinctive hairstyle, though his hair color is lighter a la Old Man Logan, and he's wearing an eye patch, like he does in his Patch identity

The final few pages of the issue shed light on his current state when Loki seeks the help of the X-Men. The God of Mischief makes his way to the mutants' famed mansion, but he isn't greeted by Charles Xavier, Jean Grey or Kitty Pryde. Instead, it's Wolverine, dressed in a white suit and bow tie, who opens the door. It doesn't take long for Loki to realize that Wolverine and Emma Frost are now one and the same. Logan greets Loki with a polite speech pattern that is definitely more Emma than Wolverine, and before Loki can speak his mind, Logan's claws are out and stabbing -- something that is definitely a bit more Wolverine.

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It's unclear as of now if the character has a healing factor. Since he has lost an eye, it's probable that he doesn't. Similarly, it's difficult to say if Wolverine's claws are made of adamantium because, if he doesn't have a healing factor, than the claws wouldn't be able to be in his body. Healing factor or not, it's likely his shiny claws are actually made of diamond, like Emma Frost's second form.

In addition to the claws, he also has Emma Frost's telepathy, which helps him confirm that Loki isn't playing any tricks. We don't find out if this new version of Wolverine has a catchy warped named like Logan Frost or the White King, but there's no mistaking that this is truly Emma Frost and Wolverine blended together.

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