A Thanos-Style Finger Snap May Lead to Marvel’s Infinity Warps Mash-Ups

With Infinity Countdown still underway at Marvel Comics, not much is known regarding its follow-up event, Infinity Wars, aside from a mysterious character named Requiem becoming involved in the chase for the six Infinity Stones.

However, the slow tease of images featuring various Marvel superhero mash-ups revealed Infinity Wars will spawn its own Infinity Warps miniseries, with new characters being formed from combinations of Captain America/Doctor Strange, Iron Man/Thor and more.

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As cool as these character designs by artist Humberto Ramos are, we still have to wonder what will happen in Infinity Wars to cause these mash-ups. Do these new heroes exist in an alternate reality separate from the Marvel Universe, and somehow become embroiled in the upcoming Infinity Stone saga? Also, how large of a role will they play in the Infinity War?

Well, if we step back and take a big-picture look at the characters we know are involved in Infinity Wars, how these mash-ups could possibly come to exist, and an example from other forms of media, then it becomes crystal clear who and what is responsible for everything -- an Infinity Stone-enhanced finger snap from the Mad Titan, Thanos.

An Emotional Avengers: Infinity War Moment Adapted For The Comics

Moviegoers were left stunned in their seats when Avengers: Infinity War concluded with Thanos snapping his fingers and succeeding in his plan to wipe out half of humanity with the Infinity Stones. Fans had to watch in horror as fan-favorite characters like Bucky Barnes, Groot and Black Panther turned to ash.

Of course, Infinity War borrowed this moment from Jim Starlin, George Perez and Ron Lim's Infinity Gauntlet comic book series, which served as inspiration for the Marvel Studios blockbuster. Instead of the comics inspiring the movies, what if the movies, specifically Infinity War, influences writer Gerry Duggan and artist Mike Deodato's Infinity Wars comic book event?

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Think about it for a moment -- promotional images for Infinity Wars show Thanos among the unknown Requiem, Adam Warlock, Doctor Strange, Gamora, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord and Loki. So far, the Mad Titan was excluded from the currently-running Infinity Countdown, possibly because the villain was in the far-flung future for writer Donny Cates and artist Geoff Shaw's Thanos series.

But if Infinity Wars sees Thanos get his hands on the cosmic artifacts, who is to say he won't snap his fingers again -- and instead of half of our heroes disappearing, the universe is balanced by merging characters together. This would lower the world's population just the same as causing people to turn to ash. Except now, readers get cool new characters to follow and spinoff books to order from stores, which is something Marvel is never shy about publishing.

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We could be wrong, but we'd bet our Infinity War-Infinity Warps hypothesis turns out to be true. Marvel could still throw a curveball by substituting Requiem (who we believe is Nebula) in the place of Thanos for the character who triggers the costumed amalgamation. We should learn more when Infinity Wars begins later this month.

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