Gerry Duggan Promises Infinity Wars' Act 2 is Full of Weirdness & Warps

The Marvel Universe's cosmos are full of alien heroes, power mad demigods, interdimensional rifts, and arcane relics capable of rewriting reality. There, we can also find grounded and very human elements, like found families and people struggling, sometimes failing, to be better than the those who figures that raised them.

In his trilogy of cosmic stories that includes his run on Guardians of Galaxy and the recently completed Infinity Countdown writer Gerry Duggan took all of these elements and blended them into a comic book epic, spanning from Earth to the farthest reaches of space and beyond. And in the currently unfolding Infinity Wars Duggan and artist Mike Deodato are bringing the writer's Marvel Cosmic saga to a close with a series full of shocking reveals and long term payoffs.

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In Infinity Wars #1, readers discovered that the mysterious Requiem is, in fact, the Guardians of the Galaxy member known as Gamora, who has actually killed her adoptive father Thanos, the Mad Titan, in her quest to gain control of all six Infinity Stones. CBR spoke with Duggan about those shocking twists, how they link up with writer Donny Cates Marvel work in the Thanos: Legacy one-shot, the role Loki plays in this series, and the character combining Infinity Warps books that will spin out of developments in Infinity Wars.

CBR: One of the biggest reveals in Infinity Wars so far is the fact that Requiem is Gamora. It was a twist that had me going back and reexamining your Guardians of the Galaxy run. And it feels like one of the things you've been doing with your Marvel Cosmic books is telling a long form story about Gamora.

Gerry Duggan: Yes. This was always the story that we wanted to tell and were approved to tell. I remember getting some really good advice from [Brian] Bendis about it. That's how long it's been in the works. So it's been a long time coming and I've been very grateful for the reaction to it. I don't take a heel turn lightly and Gamora being the antagonist here made a lot of sense for the story. Some things have changed over the years, but not that.

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