Infinity Wars: Some Characters May Remember Life Before the Warp

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer #1 by Al Ewing, Ramon Rosanas, Jason Keith and Cory Petit, in stores now.

In the pages of Marvel's current cosmic event Infinity Wars, the daughter of Thanos, Gamora, followed in her father's footsteps and collected all six Infinity Stones. With their power, she opted not to wipe out half of all life in the universe, but instead to fold reality in on itself.

As a result, Gamora created an entirely new reality, with a new history where any two characters were combined to form a single one, with rather colorful and entertaining results. For example, Captain America and Doctor Strange were combined to form Stephen Strange, aka the Soldier Supreme, America's greatest magical soldier.

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In Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer #1, we're introduced to the Infinity Warp version of Tony Stark, who has been blended with the God of Thunder himself, Thor. In the book, the magics of Asgard meet the cutting edge science of Stark Industries to create the Iron Hammer. However, while the origin story of this "new" superhero unfolds, we discover that there might be some holes in this new reality that Gamora has created with her omniscient powers. In fact, one character remembers the pre-Warp timeline -- the real timeline of the Marvel Universe.

Infinity Wars Iron Hammer Krimson Kurse

The warped version of Tony, who goes by the name Sigurd Stark, ventures into a snowy forest where he is greeted by a legion of Dark Elves. They are accompanied by the Krimson Kurse who, as you might have guessed from his name, is the warped version of Iron Man villain the Crimson Dynamo and Thor's enemy, Kurse. Seeing value in Stark, the villain intervenes, stopping the Elves from killing Stark. "Kurse knows this human from... the Before-Time!" he says. "He is a man of science!"


Kurse doesn't explain things any further, but his dialogue makes it clear that he remembers the world of the Marvel Universe before Gamora created this new reality. Somehow Kurse recognizes Tony Stark, even though he is now warped. The fact that he recalls him being a man of science confirms that the "Before-Time" he speaks of is the regular timeline.

As of now, it's unclear how or why Kurse remembers the previous timeline, or how much he actually remembers about it. Unfortunately, we won't get to find out, because the Iron Hammer kills the Krimson Kurse before the issue concludes. Still, Kurse is a powerful character born of Asgardian magic, which means that it may be the sorcery behind him that allowed him to recall the "Before-Time."


Of course, there are a number of ways the Infinity Warps reality could be fixed. We know that Loki is out there, and that he somehow has a plan that involves the X-Men. The whereabouts of Gamora, who is still in possession of the Infinity Stones, is unknown, but she certainly has the ability to undo what che created. And then there's the sleeper hero who, according to solicitations, looks to be the best bet to fix reality. And if a magical character like Kurse can remember the previous reality, then perhaps the Soldier Supreme, who is also a powerful practitioner of magic, could also remember the real timeline.

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