Marvel's Infinity Warps May Be the Key to Resurrecting The Watcher

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the "Observer-X" story in Infinity Warps #1 by Jim Zub, Flaviano, Ruth Redmond and VC's Cory Petit, on sale Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Anytime there was an important event taking place in the Marvel Universe, you could be certain Uatu, the ever-seeing Watcher, would be in attendance to observe the proceedings. Of course, Uatu would claim he could never interfere or change the course of the events, but he did enjoy sitting in the rafters like a fan at a football game.

The Watcher met his demise in Marvel's Original Sin in 2014, after first having one eye taken by Exterminatrix, Doctor Midas, Mindless Ones and Orb, and the other taken by Nick Fury, who ultimately killed him. Uatu has stayed dead ever since, but Marvel may be preparing to resurrect the fallen Watcher through its Infinity Wars event.

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Infinity Wars features Gamora gaining all six Infinity Stones and folding the universe in half, resulting in heroes and villains being combined together to make new characters in what has been called the Infinity Warps. Many of these stories are being told in various Infinity Wars miniseries with characters such as Iron Hammer, Soldier Supreme, Weapon Hex and Arachknight. However, an Infinity Warps anthology comic is adding to the fun with even more combinations, including Observer-X, a combination of the X-Men's Professor Charles Xavier and The Watcher.

Observer-X has The Watcher's oversized bald head on Professor X's body (resting comfortably in a hovering wheelchair) and speaks with an emphasis on the letter "X." As "X-Citing" as it is to watch the wordplay unfold, it raises the question of how Charles Xavier and Uatu can warp together if The Watcher is already dead?

Infinity Wars has shown a group of cosmic Watchers observing Gamora at the God Quarry, but they appear to come from alternate realities in the multiverse. Plus, the group at the God Quarry and Observer-X exist at the same time, proving they weren't among the warped. The only logical explanation is The Watcher was alive somehow prior to Infinity Wars and got caught in Gamora's evil scheme.

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You'll remember Charles Xavier was killed in Avengers vs. X-Men but was recently brought back to life in Charles Soule's Astonishing X-Men. His mind is now in the body of Fantomex, allowing him to walk again and thus not needing a wheelchair. Marvel's choice of going for the standard look of Professor X for Observer-X could be a nod to the appearance that fans are most accustomed to. Or, another possibility is the upcoming Uncanny X-Men relaunch will place Charles Xavier back in his familiar mode of transportation.

What does all this mean for The Watcher? It's only a matter of time before he's resurrected again, and there is no time like the present for that to happen. Once Marvel's Infinity Warps is undone and the heroes and villains are separated back into individual characters, The Watcher could find himself back to life again. Infinity Warps may be the first piece of the puzzle to The Watcher's resurrection.

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