EXCLUSIVE: Infinity Warps Art Debuts Soldier Supreme's Magic-Based Shield


Marvel Comics' Infinity Wars are underway, and the Infinity Warps are on the horizon. An intriguing concept, the Warps are mash-ups of existing Marvel heroes, resulting in characters like Iron Hammer (Iron Man and Thor), Weapon Hex (X-23 and Scarlet Witch), Ghost Panther (Ghost Rider and Black Panther) and, of course, Soldier Supreme.

Below, CBR has the first look at some of Adam Kubert's artwork from the upcoming Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme miniseries, a page that shows the development of the magician/soldier hybrid's version of Captain America's famous shield, along with some additional information from Infinity Wars writer Gerry Duggan.

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EXCLUSIVE: Art from Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme #1 by Adam Kubert

“I’ve got to be careful about spoilers when talking about this,” Duggan told CBR in a recent interview. “At one point in time though Thanos used the Infinity Stones to cut the number of souls in the universe by half. He did that by killing people. History may be repeating itself here, but in a totally new and unexpected way. Because we just might be halving the number of souls in the universe by mashing them together."

“That’s a pretty meaty statement, but you’ll have to tune into Infinity Wars #2-#3 to really get a sense of where of that’s heading. Infinity Wars #3 really sets the table for that universe in a great way.”

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Infinity Wars Soldier Supreme #1 arrives stores Wednesday, September 19. It will be followed by several other Infinity Warps miniseries starring Weapon Hex, Arachknight, Ghost Panther and Iron Hammer. Check out an exclusive first look at Soldier Supreme below, which includes a pair of new, never before seen Infinity Warps characters.

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