Infinity War: 15 Pieces Of Fan Art Better Than The Official Poster

It's no secret that Avengers: Infinity War is one of the most anticipated movies of the year (if not the most ever). After releasing two trailers, Marvel is quickly stirring up the hype for the most ambitious crossover attempted in pop culture history. It will be a film to remember, featuring a payoff that Marvel has been setting up for an entire decade. Needless to say, many people are already on the hype train and aren't getting off anytime (us included). This has motivated a lot of talented artists and graphic designers to express their love for the MCU by putting together their own interpretations of the upcoming movie as well as the characters that will appear in it.

Being one of the biggest projects of all time, a lot of fan art has already made its rounds on the Internet- many of them being quite excellent. In order to honor some of these artists as well as keep our own hype train moving, we've scoured through the web to find 15 of our favorite picks for Avengers: Infinity War fan art. Are you ready to see the Mad Titan take on Earth's Mightiest Heroes? You will be after you see these brilliant pieces of artwork.

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Despite the implication of its name, Avengers: Infinity War is based on the Infinity Gauntlet comic rather than the Infinity War comic. Infinity Gauntlet has an iconic cover of the Mad Titan and the Gauntlet front and center. Then, lines from the Gauntlet shoot out and show different poses of the Marvel heroes and villains that will appear in the story.

Clearly, that was the inspiration for this phenomenal fan poster. All eyes go straight to the gauntlet with all of the Marvel heroes surrounding it and Thanos at the top. Part of us wishes that this was the direction that Marvel took for the actual poster as opposed to essentially doing something fundamentally similar to Thor: Ragnarok's poster. PL Boucher, you've grabbed our attention.


When it comes to creating iconic panels and covers, comics have it down to a science. While some of the MCU movies try to replicate the bombastic panels of dozens of characters fighting at once, it doesn't always translate the same. That's why we love this interpretation of Avengers: Infinity War -- it's clearly trying to turn itself into a comic book.

Characters are given thick outlines and shading, while the colors on their costumes and abilities leap off the pages. The cherry on top comes from the use of the Infinity War logo as seen in the comics. It fits appropriately with the style shown here. The image of Thanos being attacked by all of the strongest Marvel heroes with a big grin on his face is one for the history books. Good job, Erik Carrillo.

13 TO WAR!

While the MCU has done a good job of bringing comic characters and stories to the big screen, it's refreshing to see the movie characters brought to look more like the comics again. If Avengers: Infinity War were going to be a comic with all of the MCU characters starring in it, it's not hard to imagine that it would look like this.

Every major player is here and ready to roll. Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye are heading the charge. However, artist, smlshin, took the liberty of adding a few faces who have yet to appear in the MCU. Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, and the Wasp aren't going to be in Avengers: Infinity War, but they fit so well with the characters already established in the MCU.


Thanos won't be working alone in Avengers: Infinity War. He will send four powerful warriors ahead of him to try and gather the scattered Infinity Stones. In the comics, they are known as the Black Order. In the movie, they will be known as the Children of Thanos. These beings each have the power to combat the Avengers on their own, and it will take a lot of effort to stop them.

What really completes this poster from Bosslogic (apart from the haunting silhouettes) is the close up of Iron Man's destroyed helmet. On the part that has been ripped off, we can see a singed skeleton, implying that the Children of Thanos aren't messing around. They are hellbent on finding the Infinity Stones and will kill whomever they need to in order to see that goal realized.


Right away, this artwork does a fantastic job of grabbing our attention. With many popular movies, artists will use their own resources to design posters that they feel fit the movie better than the official ones that we see in theaters. As a result, there are tons of fan-designed posters for Avengers: Infinity War to see.

This poster does a great job of putting the Avengers front and center. The entire draw of the movie is the fact that we'll be seeing characters like Thor, Spider-Man, and Rocket Raccoon all in the same place for the first time ever. The best part is easily the fact that the phrase "Assemble" is used to promote the movie. It almost makes us wish that Marvel Studios would've done the same.


The story of Thanos hunting down the Infinity Gems to use the Gauntlet and wipe out half the universe has been iconic since it debuted in the comics. Due to its significance in the comic world, there are countless shots of Thanos holding the Infinity Gauntlet with all of the stones in their respective places.

This artwork draws inspiration from the more Thanos-centric artwork. Showing a silhouette of the Mad Titan on a different planet, the eye is immediately drawn to the six streams of color beaming from his fist. The idea of Thanos having all of the Gems and wiping out half of the comic world is one thing, but facing the potential of him doing that in the MCU has us much more terrified.


When Marvel first unveiled the concept art for Thanos as he will appear in Avengers: Infinity War, it was an exciting step for fans of the MCU. Long have we known about the idea of all of the movie heroes coming together to take down the Mad Titan, but actually seeing it happen has made many fall in love all over again.

This artwork from Shadrach DelMonte is very simple. It shows Thanos with his Gauntlet and all of the Marvel heroes beneath him. Its main difference is that is created to look like a massive painting rather than just a movie poster. The way the colors pop remind us of how big comic events are advertised, with nothing more than an insane amount of characters all thrown at a panel together.


When The Avengers came out, it introduced a gag that would take the Internet by storm. Tony Stark, after coming down from the Tesseract portal, asks his fellow superheroes if they've ever been to Shawarma, as a new one was put together near the area. While the movie doesn't immediately show us the heroes going to Shawarma, the post-credits scene does.

Now that the Avengers have gained a massive roster and come full circle, BossLogic saw the perfect opportunity for another Shawarma cameo. However, instead of just throwing some characters in a diner, the art is reminiscent of the Last Supper, with Tony taking the place in the center. We also love the fact that Stan Lee was thrown in the background for an extra laugh or two.


As we've gotten to know the Marvel heroes of the MCU, there are certain weapons that seem virtually indestructible. Captain America's Vibranium Shield, Mjolnir, Tony Stark's new armor, Winter Soldier's metal arm, and Black Panther's Vibranium suit. While they've relied on this equipment in the past, it alone will not be sufficient to beating Thanos, the Black Order and the power that he has in the Infinity Gauntlet.

This fan poster does exactly what a movie poster should do. It introduces the concept of the movie by showing us all of these powerful objects crushed under Thanos's hand. However, it doesn't show too much. We're not given any specifics other than someone with the Infinity Stones is fighting the Avengers and he's likely going to kick their butts.


LEGO has done an excellent job of securing popular licenses and constructing sets based on what is trending at the current time. They have been continuing their Marvel license as well, with sets for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War already being available for purchase. As LEGO becomes more in tune to the latest movies releasing, the concepts are bound to bleed over into the mainstream non-LEGO builders among us.

Considering that there are already LEGO minifigures for all of the characters, it was only a matter of time before we saw a LEGO version of the Infinity War poster. The attention to detail is also quite impressive, with the artist, Lewis Blythe, altering the minifigures to look more like their movie counterparts than just inserting their official LEGO minifigures.


The concept of Avengers: Infinity War alone was enough to spawn several pieces of fan art about the project. From a lot of the artwork here, it's clear that this was done before we knew any specific details about the film. For starters, the picture of Thanos doesn't resemble the one that we'll be seeing in the movie. Rhodey is in the Iron Patriot suit rather than War Machine. Spider-Man is wearing the costume from The Amazing Spider-Man. Lastly, Agent Coulson appears as well.

That said, this poster from chedsorr is still quite fantastic. Also, having some of the biggest villains returning for a second brawl with the Avengers is an idea that comic fans would purely love. Seeing Ultron, Ronan, and Red Skull get a second chance at being memorable opponents would be the stuff of dreams.


Thanos will test the MCU unlike any of the Marvel heroes have been tested before. On his own, he is a character powerful enough to not even feel threatened by Ronan the Accuser with an Infinity Stone. As such, even the strongest of the Avengers won't be able to hold their own against the Mad Titan.

While we're not entirely sure what that battle will look like, Oleg Ulianytskyi gives us a good idea. Despite Thor's strength, Thanos would be able to easily grab and toss him aside. Seeing Captain America defend one of Thanos's blasts while Iron Man and Scarlet Witch move in for another attack is exciting to behold. It makes us excited to see them battle the villain that much more. It likely won't be in deep space like this art shows, though.


When the Avengers first came to the big screen, we got to see them go against the Chitauri army, headed by Loki. In Age of Ultron, we saw them fight an army of robots. Things are changing with Avengers: Infinity War. While there will be an army of Outriders to take on, we will see the Avengers go against one villain: Thanos.

That premise alone will lead to a conflict unlike anything the MCU has seen before. This artwork from BoomArt16 encapsulates that feeling as we see all of the Avengers in action and ready to take on the Mad Titan. Instead of being in a battle pose, we see Thanos standing with the Infinity Gauntlet in hand, almost as if he's about to enjoy every second of the battle that's about to begin.


The most recent trailer for Avengers: Infinity War gave us more context on the upcoming film. It seems that Tony Stark, Spider-Man, Sta- Lord, Drax, and Doctor Strange will be traveling to a different planet (presumably Titan, one of Saturn's moons and Thanos's homeworld in the comics) to take on the Mad Titan.

However, Thanos will be ready to battle them with the Infinity Gauntlet in hand. We've seen him throw a punch at Iron Man as well as Doctor Strange and Star-Lord working together in battle. However, this piece of art from TheKnott14 gives us a clear idea of how that battle could go, with those heroes executing their plan to save the universe. Where this art stands out is how it makes each character look exactly like their designs in the movie.


Avengers: Infinity War won't be entirely filled with what's happening in the present. As a matter of fact, the movie will be showing us a bit of Thanos's past. On that note, the trailer shows us a shot of Gamora as a young girl, holding her insane father's hand. Popular artist, Bosslogic, has taken this shot and formed it into something much more thematic.

Paying homage to the Logan poster, which show Wolverine's hand with Laura's clasped firmly around it, we see Thanos' massive hand with Gamora's in full view. It's a minimalist logo, but that's what makes it so great. Considering that the Russo Brothers have promised that Thanos will be a fairly layered character, it's exciting to think of what the possibilities are for the Mad Titan.

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