Infinity War VFX Video Breaks Down Film's Most Heartbreaking Scene

Special effects are the stuff of modern blockbusters, and while the results have been mixed, Marvel seems to pride itself on believability, if not always practicality.

Take cinema-centered Youtube channel It's Amazing's recent video. In it, viewers are offered a brief but effective breakdown of the layers of CGI in Avengers: Infinity War's decimating climax where Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) watches protege Peter Parker (Tom Holland) fall victim to Thanos' plan. We see the layers of digital effects both on Holland and even Holland's hair. Watch the full video below:

It should come as no surprise that Infinity War -- which brought together years worth of characters, worlds and galaxies together -- featured heavy CGI. What is surprising, however, is the full extent of the CGI in the film, even where most of us wouldn't expect it.

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Along with elaborate interplanetary action sequences, even simple details like Thor's eyepatch were achieved in post. Behind-the-scenes videos have shown that it's common for actors to not even be in the same room when filming the same scene, even apparently the emotional climax of a film.

It's Amazing features several other Infinity War VFX breakdowns too, including the all-out final Wakandan battle and Thanos' own tearful goodbye.

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