Infinity War: 20 Things That Still Don't Make Any Sense After Rewatching It (For The 10th Time)

Avengers: Infinity War ended up smashing all of our expectations. Whether you’re a hardcore MCU fan or just a casual moviegoer, this was a movie designed to knock your socks off. And a large part of what drove the box office for this movie was passionate fans seeing it multiple times. There’s many benefits to seeing such an awesome film more than once. You get a second chance to appreciate the expert pacing and precision plot and, of course, you get another chance to notice some of the hilarious easter eggs and references that you might have missed the first time around. However, there’s a downside to seeing the movie so many times. Just as we all know that nothing is perfect, repeat viewings allow you to see that Infinity War is a movie with many flaws. And at the heart of the movie are some things that make no sense, no matter how you spin it.

And the cycle continues now that the movie is out on Blu-Ray and DVD. Fans can add it to their collection and watch their favorite scenes over and over again. And maybe, just maybe, some of those things that made no sense before will make more sense now. Or maybe not. True believers, we have now watched Avengers: Infinity War several times since it came out -- and we love it just as much now as we did before. However, there are some things that just do not make a lick of sense whatsoever. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling to check out 20 Things About Infinity War That Still make no sense (after watching it again)!


Heimdall Idris Elba Thor Ragnarok

Avengers: Infinity War establishes how serious things are early on by showing Thanos decimating some of the main characters, such as Loki and Heimdall. In Heimdall’s case, though, we get to see him use his powers one last time as he sends Hulk hurtling to the planet Earth.

There is a major problem with all of this, though. Why didn’t Heimdall see the attack of Thanos coming? When your whole deal is being able to see everything, it’s really embarrassing when a ship the size of a small planet gets the drop on you. Maybe Heimdall should have used his main power instead of his weird portal mojo?


Thanos Josh Brolin

Many fans were worried that Thanos would try to take out Tony Stark permanently in Infinity War. Instead, Thanos announced his respect for Tony as a fellow visionary and seemingly let him survive the infamous snap. Here’s our straightforward question, though: why let Tony live at all?

Sure, fans can argue that Thanos is being honorable, dramatic, or both. However, the honest truth is that this is a James Bond rookie villain mistake right here. Once Thanos uncovers the main threat to his victory, he needs to take that threat out. Instead, he let Tony live, and the hero will be instrumental in the final defeat of Thanos.


Avengers: Infinity War was mostly notable for being a movie that brought the whole MCU together -- well, almost the whole MCU. In addition to the predictable lack of MCU TV characters, Hawkeye and Ant-Man were absent, and the reason we get for this absence actually makes no sense.

Ostensibly, both of them are with their families and under house arrest (something we see on-screen in Ant-Man and the Wasp). However, we’re asked to believe that either these characters noticed nothing about an alien invasion (presumably, this is really big news), or they decided to obey the house arrest rules while the planet falls down around them. Either way, we’re not buying it.


The most surprising MCU cameo in Infinity War was the Red Skull. We last saw this one-time Captain America villain disappearing as he held onto the Cosmic Cube. He was presumed long gone and then popped up on an alien planet with directions to the Soul Stone. Our question: what the heck?!

First of all, why would the Cube send him to this random alien planet? It’s implied that some intelligence controlled the Cube, but we don’t know what it is. And Red Skull mentions helping other Soul Stone seekers, but how many could he have met over the years, since these Stones weren’t going anywhere? The cool cameo leaves us with more questions than answers.


Captain America Chris Evans Avengers Infinity War

To some degree, Infinity War is a movie about reunions. We get to see various heroes who have been displaced and scattered come together once again. One of the more touching reunions is between Bruce Banner and Captain America, but too bad it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Captain America acts surprised to see Bruce Banner when they meet in person. This seems to make sense when you remember that Hulk has been off-planet for years. However, Banner was actually the one who called Cap up on the special cell phone. Why act surprised to see the man who you just talked to?



In Infinity War, we see a kind of tour-de-force with Thanos and his minions. They go from location to location, helping to get more Infinity Stones and make Thanos more powerful. It makes sense to keep the story moving, but we have a pretty basic question: how did Thanos know where all the Stones are?

Many of the Stones were hidden, and some were thought lost forever, like with the Space Stone. Nonetheless, Thanos practically had GPS directions to all of them. How did he get this info? And how long has he had it? It seems like he could have conquered the universe long ago.


Another thing that make Infinity War so exciting was that we got to see Doctor Strange in action. While he had a fun cameo in Thor: Ragnarok, we haven’t actually seen Strange in a fight since his debut movie. Therefore, fans were excited to see what medicine this Doctor would be dispensing.

However, Strange fans were rightfully annoyed at how little of a fight Strange put up. Sure, Thanos and his flunkies are supposed to be super-strong. But we previously saw Strange hopping between dimensional planes and turning back time to fight dark gods. But when the fate of the entire universe is at stake, all he can muster is portals and chains?


Theoretically, one of the most powerful Infinity Stones is the Reality Stone. As near as we can tell, it lets Thanos completely change any aspect of reality that he wants: he can bring those who passed back to life, restore destroyed planets to their original luster, and so on.

One of his weirdest uses of this Stone is when he defeats most of the Guardians of the Galaxy. With little more than a thought, Thanos is able to turn characters like Mantis and Drax into horrifying shapes. However, when he leaves, they are restored. Is the Reality Stone more limited than we think, or is this more of him unnecessarily leaving his enemies alive?


The post-credits teaser scene of the movie was definitely worth waiting for, as after being out of the loop for most of the film, we finally see Nick Fury and Mariah Hill start reacting to the craziness around them. However, Fury barely has time to contact Captain Marvel before he and Hill have disappeared.

Our question: why were they out of the loop in the first place? We only see them stepping up as citizens are disappearing. But this means that they were seemingly sitting on their hands during multiple alien invasions and the disappearance of several key heroes. It really seems like Fury dropped the ball here!


The relationship that Thanos has with Gamora is the unexpected emotional crux of the film. He has a deep and genuine love for her, which is why it’s so difficult for him to sacrifice Gamora in order to get the Soul Stone. However, the reason Thanos loves her remains largely unexplained.

Thanos “saves” Gamora while destroying half of her planet’s population. But why does he consider her special? Why bother saving a little girl, and then repeating the pattern by “adopting” Nebula? Considering that this is such a major part of the Thanos arc, it would be nice if we eventually got some real explanation!


Thanos searching for the Infinity Stones is supposed to be like an epic quest. After all, these are the most powerful items in the entire universe, and they have been scattered all over the place. That’s what we’re told, at least. The truth is, those Stones should have been found before now.

Think about it: for Stones that are supposed to be scattered all over the universe, these things are really close together. The Reality Stone is just a short jump away from the Power Stone, multiple Stones are on Earth, etc. If this is what it means to be “scattered,” then someone else should have successfully assembled them long ago.


Before Infinity War came out, fans wanted to see what it would be like when Hulk took on Thanos. This ended up happening soon in the movie, and Thanos unexpectedly kicked beat down the Hulk in no time flat. After this, the “Big Guy” refused to come out, leaving Banner to his own devices throughout the movie.

However, Hulk’s hesitation makes no sense. The movie’s creators have maintained that Hulk isn’t scared of Thanos. If that’s not the reason, then it makes no sense that Hulk would hide away. If nothing else, he is missing some of the greatest battles of his life, all for silly and unexplained reasons.


The MCU has tweaked Thor’s character quite a bit. He has gotten more and more comedic over time, and this reached its peak in Thor: Ragnarok. This helps explain why he is such a crowd-pleaser in many of his scenes with the Guardians of the Galaxy. However, one of those scenes doesn’t make much sense at all.

Thor tells Rocket that he is able to understand Groot because he studied the language on Asgard. However, why would young, battle-hungry Thor be studying abstract alien languages? And why would Asgard care about the languages of planets and people outside of their domain? It just doesn’t add up!


Infinity War is a movie where the tension is constantly getting higher and higher, and things get really serious when Doctor Strange drops the bomb on us: he has looked into millions of possible futures and only seen one where the heroes prevail. We have a simple question, though: why not do this trick earlier?

Look, we get that Doctor Strange doing this constantly would disrupt the tension of the movie. But if he had the ability to look into the future the whole time, why not do that on the long flight over? Why wait to do it when the threat of Thanos arrival is imminent?


Thanos Josh Brolin Infinity Gauntlet

This next one is pretty nitpicky, but bear with us. The drama of the whole movie pivots around the idea that our heroes can team up and collectively beat Thanos. And we see this nearly happen, with the plan only disrupted when Star-Lord loses emotional control and begins shooting the Mad Titan.

However, by the transitive property, Thanos should have mopped the floor with these guys. We saw him take out the Hulk without even breaking a sweat, but when he’s even stronger later in the movie, he’s suddenly getting incapacitated by characters such as Spider-Man and Mantis? Maybe Thanos was taking it easy on the heroes, but that means he’s even crazier than we thought!


thanos time stone

One good thing we can say about Thanos: he’s a man that lives up to his word. He tells us that he’s going to cut the universal population in half and then “watch the sun rise over a grateful universe.” By the end of the movie, he has done just that, and he looks more peaceful than ever.

However, that location at the end doesn’t make much sense. Is he on his home planet? If so, it looks lush and restored... how could he do that when the Infinity Gauntlet looked broken? And if the Reality Stone is still working, this is an uncomfortable reminder that he could have simply doubled all the resources in the universe instead of destroying half the population.


Black Panther fans were happy to get another look at the secretive world of Wakanda in this movie. In addition to seeing some of our favorite characters, we also got to see some cool new features, including special shielding that is seemingly able to repel almost anything.

The shielding is so good, though, that we can’t help but wonder why it’s not used more often. Heck, why ever turn it off? If such shields had been in place before, Killmonger would have had no way to effectively sneak inside Wakanda and cause so much doom and destruction after becoming king!


When Thanos is on the verge of getting all the Stones, Scarlet Witch finally agrees to help destroy the one inside Vision’s head. It’s an amazing sacrifice, of course, as she effectively ends her lover to do so. Thanos ends up undoing this with the Time Stone, but we’re curious: why was destroying the Stones a last resort?

Obviously, they care about Vision’s life, but balanced against the fate of the whole universe, it’s worth discussing. Similarly, Doctor Strange is weirdly reluctant to even run away with his Stone, much less destroy it. It seems like our heroes just sat on an easy solution until the very end!


It was very exciting to see Spider-Man not only return for Infinity War, but to play such a prominent role. And we finally got to see his new outfit, the “Iron Spider” outfit reminiscent of one of his iconic comics uniforms. The suit comes with extra legs... sadly, they don’t make a lot of sense.

For instance, we see the legs automatically deploy to keep Spider-Man from being sucked into space. How did the suit know to do this, though? The reasonable explanation is that they reacted to the high speed. But that would mean these things would constantly fly out as Spider-Man swings around the city! All in all, this bit of tech is cool but confusing.


Perhaps the saddest moment in the movie was the dusting of Spider-Man. While other characters wordlessly disappeared, young Peter Parker was able to sense it coming and talk about his fears to Tony Stark. Fans attributed this to his “spider sense,” but this actually doesn’t make much sense (no pun intended).

The spidey sense basically works by sensing impending danger, right? It can be triggered by everything from a pointing gun to the nearby presence of electricity. But the Thanos snap is unlike these other events: it either happens or it doesn’t. If Spidey’s sense was going to go off in reaction to the possibility, it should happen every time Thanos lifts his hand!

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