Kicking Up Dust: 20 Pieces Of Heartbreaking Snap Fan Art From Infinity War

Artwork created by fans of a certain work of fiction, which we all love to browse from time to time, has grown into an incredible collection of astonishing art. Websites like DeviantArt, tumblr, Instagram and many more are home to countless talented artists who are putting time and effort into creating breathtakingly beautiful fan art dedicated to their favorite movies, TV shows, comic books and so on. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, of course, has a huge fan following and a good number of those fans are artists. When the highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War finally came out, heaps of fan art pieces based on the film flooded the internet. The most iconic moments from the movie were recreated by fans and shared on various social media platforms.

One of the most epic moments of the film was the infamous snap. Thanos snapped his giant purple fingers and just like that our heroes started disintegrating right in front of our eyes. On Titan, we lost Peter Quill, Drax, Mantis, Doctor Strange and, of course, Peter Parker. In Wakanda, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Groot, and Scarlet Witch turned into dust. And, last but not least, Nick Fury and Maria Hill vanished in New York. The Snap and many of these deaths were recreated by artist from all around the world. We went on a little adventure and dug up the coolest fan art pieces of The Snap. Fair warning, the images featured bellow contain content that some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.


Anyone who’s familiar with Marvel Comics knows about the wonderful and complicated romantic relationship between Scarlet Witch and Vision. Their comic book history is the stuff of legends. So, when both of these characters popped up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe we knew romance was just around the corner.

Though the MCU didn’t have a whole lot of time to develop their relationship, they used the time they did have to make us warm up to this couple. And then they went and broke our hearts in Avengers: Infinity War. Denver Balbaboco captured the lovers’ final moments with this captivating piece of fan art.


When Thor arrived in Wakanda in a truly godlike manner no one was as thrilled to see him as his buddy Bruce Banner. Shouting ‘bring me Thanos’ the God of Thunder ran straight into battle. When Thanos finally arrived to Earth, the heroes did not hesitate to take a swing at the purple giant. However, one after the other they fell down.

But not Thor. The God of Thunder managed to ram his Stormbreaker into Thanos’ chest. If he had gone for the head, the heroes seen on spdrmnkyxxiii’s fan art would still be alive. That's why you always go for the head, Thor.



T’Challa’s dying words directed at General Okoye were ‘this is no place to die’, Drax called out to Quill as he was disappearing, Peter Parker said 'I'm sorry', Strange reassured Tony that giving up the Time Stone was the only way to win, and the last word Bucky uttered was ‘Steve’.

Naturally, Steve was visibly and deeply saddened by his friend’s death. He desperately tried to hold on to the dust that was left behind when Bucky vanished. The artist who goes by sleeper cell captured Steve’s sadness with this incredible piece of fan art. The pain on Steve Rogers’ face is almost too real.


Avengers: Infinity War, unlike most Marvel films, opens with the villain of the movie beating the hell out of the heroes. Right off the bat, the movie sets the tone for everything that’s yet to come. To expect the end of Avengers: Infinity War to be anything but tragic is counter-intuitive. After all, was anyone even surprised when Thanos snapped his fingers?

Abhinav Rajput’s Infinity War fan art shows Thanos gracefully snapping his fingers and thus swiftly erasing half of the population of the entire universe from existence. Balancing the universe has never looked this cool.


16 DAD…

The foul-mouthed raccoon who communicates almost exclusively in sarcasm, and whose cynicism is almost impossible to match doesn’t strike anyone as the emotional type -- at least, not at first glance. However, upon a second look it’s pretty clear that behind the misanthropic act Rocket Raccoon is a caring friend.

Over the course of two Guardians of the Galaxy movies, we’ve had the opportunity to watch Rocket open up and even be vulnerable. He’s especially attached to his long-term companion Groot. Artist cat-spat recreated the tragic moment when Groot disappeared in front of Rocket’s eyes. And to make matters worse, Groot's last words were 'dad'.


Thanos’ pursuit of perfect balance came at a high cost. Thanos personally had to pay a high price for the Soul Stone. He had to sacrifice his favorite daughter Gamora. With tears in his eyes the Mad Titan pushed Gamora off a cliff in exchange for the fulfillment of his ultimate goal -- perfect balance.

But, Thanos knew that achieving balance in the universe would require sacrifice, and that did not stop him from pursuing his goals. And in the end his sacrifice paid off, as he got to snap the universe into perfect balance. Here’s how Lord Mesa sees the Thanos’ snap.



No matter how many times we watch Spidey slip through Tony’s fingers, the moment will always evoke feelings of sadness. What made this particular disintegration scene more poignant than the rest of them is its extended length. Peter was fighting to stay alive with all his strength and it made his disappearance longer and probably more painful.

The words he said to Tony as his body disintegrated, echoed in our minds for days and weeks after watching the movie. This incredible piece of fan art comes from the workshop of chuutadesu and it’s, at the same time, a gorgeous and a heartbreaking sight.


Rock-paper-scissors is one of the most popular methods of choosing, usually between two people. Similar to coin flipping or drawing straws, rock-paper-scissors is used to make a fair, random choice when no one really wants to make one. Believe it or not, there’s even a World Rock Paper Scissors Society and they organize tournaments.

Perhaps, Thanos should enter one of their tournaments and show them how it’s done. Rock, paper and scissors may all have their advantages, but nothing beats The Snap. This funny image, featuring the most recent addition to the game, comes from none other than the amazing Boss Logic.



The title of the upcoming Spider-Man movie is Spider-Man: Far From Home and according to Kevin Feige it will be set (at least partially) in Europe. Feige was fashionably cryptic about the exact time the movie takes place in, so we don’t yet know if it’s set after Avengers: Infinity War or before.

However, since the last time we saw Spidey was in the scene depicted on this fan art by ultraraw26, it’s hard to imagine Spider-Man: Far From Home taking place after Infinity War. But, all we can do is wait and hope Peter does indeed come home after the tragic events of Infinity War.

11 SON OF A…

Lists of famous last words include figures like Bob Marley, Karl Marx and Leonard Nimoy, among others. These are the last words that are considered to be worthy of being remembered. Still, most people don’t get to have meaningful last words. Nick Fury is not one of those people.

The Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to send a distress signal to Captain Marvel before time came for him to leave. But, more importantly he almost got to say a dirty word in a Disney movie. Sadly, Fury turned to dust before he could finish his famous last words. Denver Balbaboco’s rendering of Fury’s face says it all.



In the first Avengers movie, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes faced off against the God of Mischief, Loki, and his army of Chitauri. The Avengers saved the Earth form an alien invasion. In the sequel, Avengers: Age of Ultron, our heroes fought against Stark and Banner’s own creation, Ultron. The Avengers stopped Ultron but at a high cost.

In the third Avengers film, Infinity War, almost all MCU heroes came together to stop Thanos. Unfortunately, they were not successful. With one snap Thanos destroyed half of the Earth’s mightiest heroes. Shoscombe’s fan art, titled ‘Kill the Avengers? Yes Please.’, shows a very googly-eyed Thanos achieving what those who came before him couldn't.


Doctor Strange’s decision to let Thanos have the Time Stone came out of left field, but we’re willing to bet the one who was most surprised by Strange’s decision was Tony Stark. However, what must have slipped Tony’s mind at the moment is that Strange saw 14,000,005 different versions of the future and knew exactly what to do to arrive to the one version in which they win.

So, Doctor Strange’s last words to Tony were ‘there was no other way’, reassuring his new-found ally that they’re on the right track. The amazing image of Doctor Strange’s last moments you see above was created by ultraraw26.



Avengers: Infinity War is one of Marvel’s best films and probably the saddest Marvel film. While other MCU movies have had sad moments, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, together with the Russo Brothers took Avengers: Infinity War to a whole other level. Watching our favorite heroes disappear right in front of us was a painful experience.

For many the hardest part of Infinity War was Peter Parker disappearing and Tony Stark being left alone, disheartened and bleeding out on a foreign planet. Dreamsoffools’s fan art of Tony Stark staring dolefully into the distance with tears running down his cheeks is thoroughly heartbreaking.


The thought of any single person having the power to obliterate half of the universe with just one snap of his fingers is alarming. And when that person is a Titan hell-bent on achieving perfect balance without regard to the costs, it’s downright frightening, at the least. Our heroes did their best to prevent Thanos from acquiring all the Infinity Stones, but their efforts were not enough.

Thor came close to putting an end to Thanos but missed the mark. And so, the Mad Titan fulfilled his life-long dream of putting the universe in balance. The awesome fan art of the infamous snap featured above comes from Archimedes Aligway.


6 BUCKY...

True friendships are hard to find and even harder to maintain. One of the best examples of ‘best friends forever’ are Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Sure, they’ve had their issues, but only because Bucky was brainwashed. Once Bucky was back to being himself, he and Steve made up pretty fast.

Unfortunately, their reunion was short-lived. In Avengers: Infinity War, Steve and Bucky were torn apart once again since Bucky was among the half of the universe that did not make it through The Snap. Watching Steve trying to hold on to his friend as the dust seeps through his fingers was emotional hell.


If you were paying attention while watching Avengers: Infinity War, you probably noticed that it took Peter Parker more time to disintegrate than other heroes. A lot of fans were wondering if this was intentional or a mistake. Well, it turns out there’s a reason behind it. Peter was really fighting it. He did not want to go.

Additionally, there’s the possibility that his Spidey sense made Peter aware of what was coming. It was a heartbreaking scene that many fans have recreated with their amazing fan art. 666Celia drew this incredibly realistic and touching portrait of Peter just moments before he vanished.



We usually snap our fingers to keep the rhythm while singing or dancing. We may also snap our fingers to get someone’s attention. Or, we may resort to snapping our fingers when we’re trying to remember something. All of these are pretty harmless, provided you don’t somehow hurt yourself.

Obviously, the Thanos Snap was anything but harmless. Just like many of us would like to snap our fingers and make the dirty dishes disappear, Thanos instead wished for half of the population to disappear. Antonio Jesus Secaira Mancheno captured the Mad Titan’s momentous snap in all of its glory.


Death and loss are unavoidable parts of life, and Avengers: Infinity War really drove this point home. Every hero that remained standing after The Snap had lost loved ones along the way. And not to take away from anyone’s loss and suffering, it’s indisputable that Rocket Raccoon is the one who lost every single one of his friends.

Gamora was killed by her dear old dad and the rest of the Guardians disintegrated when The Snap happened. Rocket Raccoon is essentially all alone. Featured above is JonsyFrost’s beautiful fan art of Rocket Raccoon watching his friend Groot disappear.



Going through various art boards and looking through collections of fan art dedicated to Avengers: Infinity War is a bittersweet task. While we immensely enjoy these gorgeous pieces of art, they sometimes have the ability to reduce us to tears. But this, if anything, speaks to the quality of the artist’s work more than anything.

Addigni’s phenomenal illustration of Tony Stark and Peter Parker’s hug hit us right in the feels. Looking at this image, it’s hard not to re-play this crushing scene in your head. Even though, odds are Spidey isn’t gone forever, it’s impossible not to be affected by this moment.


It’s a scary thought for sure, but Thanos was not entirely wrong. In fact, a lot of what he was saying does make some sense, though the actions he decided to take in pursuit of his goals are certainly unethical and reprehensible. But, for all that he represents and for all the wrongs he did, Thanos does appear to have some feelings.

He wouldn’t have been able to get the Soul Stone if he hadn’t in fact loved Gamora. And we can even see that love when he later talks to here in what we suppose is the Soul World. Artist Sean Angelo Filart portrayed that fatherly love with this amazing drawing of Thanos and Gamora after The Snap.


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