Infinity War: Have We Seen the Last of Sharon Carter in the MCU?

it's the epic superhero film we've all been waiting for. avengers: infinity war is the culmination of every film in the marvel cinematic universe, meaning we're likely to see almost every character we've ever encountered make an appearance.

well, almost. sharon carter is among the few that will not be appearing in the film, which is a shame given everything that happened between her and steve rogers in captain america: civil war. according to actor emily vancamp, the issue with her joining the big battle was, given the scale of the film and the abundance of huge action sequences, there simply wasn't enough room for sharon carter to make a worthwhile appearance.

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in the grand scheme of the current mcu, sharon carter isn't exactly a vital role. that doesn't mean that her character has no significant part to play. she has been quite an important character in steve roger's world, after all, but perhaps not in the way you might think.

from the beginning of captain america: the winter soldier, it was clear that the russo brothers were keen on exploring a different side of steve rogers as a character, as evidenced by the inclusion of black widow's constant attempts at getting rogers to start dating.

throughout his appearances, it has been quite evident that steve views himself as a super-soldier fighting a war, and little more than that. he's a natural leader and a masterful fighter, he's great at battling evil forces but he clearly neglects everything else within him. carter fit right into that world and managed to drag a different side of rogers into view. he'd had the whole tender romance with peggy back during world war ii but in the modern era, it seemed as though he was devoting himself to fighting whenever he could. that changed in captain america: civil war when he shared a moment with agent 13, to bucky and sam's laughing approval.

clearly, the russo brothers intended to gradually expand on the softer side of rogers, and carter was an integral part of that. however, with infinity war shaping up to present us with a monumental shift in the mcu, we may never get to see carter and rogers become anything more. not just because carter won't be showing up in the next film, but because rogers might not make it out alive.

yes, there are a lot of factors leading us to believe that thanos may just defeat captain america in some way, bringing all these subplots to a potentially abrupt end. then we have the numerous times kevin feige has stated that the mcu will look completely different after infinity war, and the fact that chris evans may not want to extend his contract after his current contract expires.

what place, then, is there for sharon carter?

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