Infinity War: 15 Things That Excite Fans (And 1 Thing That Worries Them)

No matter how many memes might try to argue otherwise, Avengers: Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history, or, at least in very recent history. Finally, after 10 years of buildup and world-building, every single one of our favorite heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be coming together to fight the big bad who has been teased since the very first Avengers film, Thanos, the Mad Titan. Even if you are a casual fan, even if there are some MCU films you didn't like, it's hard not to be excited for this film, especially with all the great footage and teasers we have seen in the trailers.

What's in store for our heroes? Will they stop Thanos before he gets all the Infinity Stones? Will the entire universe be erased with a snap of Thanos' mighty purple fingers? We can only speculate what will happen in the film as most of the secrets have been kept under a tight lid. But, we still have plenty to go of off from the trailers, plenty of awesome things we can't wait to see. Based on these trailers, fans are all too excited to see the film. However, there is one thing about the trailers that has some fans worried.


Let's start with one of the coolest things about Infinity War: the team-ups! Though we know it to be part of the same cinematic universe, Guardians of the Galaxy definitely felt distance. And it was supposed to, it took place in a different galaxy, after all. But, it's because the two Guardians films took place in different parts of the MCU than the mainline films that fans are so excited to see the two world finally collide.

Some of the coolest things we hope to see from the Guardians making it to Earth are their powers, skills, abilities and weapons fighting alongside all the Avengers, as well as the great interactions between Star-Lord and the other egotistical superhero in the film, Iron Man. Oh, and it will also be cool to see Star-Lord back on Earth for the first time since he left.


At the end of Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers were left broken and scattered. Because of the Sokovia Accords, Captain America, Black Widow and a few other Avengers are now considered to be outlaws, and Iron Man, War Machine and Vision are amongst the few "employed" Avengers left.

Long-story short, the Avengers are not what they used to be.

However, they're going to have to get over their differences and work together to defeat the biggest threat that the MCU has ever faced in Thanos. We're excited to see how the Avengers settle their differences and the moment they finally come together to fight once more, "like the good ol' days." Maybe even at the end of it all, Cap and Iron Man will have made up and the Avengers will be back forever.


Speaking of Civil War, there's another reunion that we're excited to see in Infinity War. Without a doubt, the two greatest friends in all of the MCU are Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. The two have been through thick and thin, separated through time and brainwashing, but they still found their way back to each other. However, at the end of Civil War, they had to say goodbye once more so that Bucky could be put on ice until his brainwashing was completely removed.

In Infinity War, we will finally see the two reunite, and we hope it will be as magical as the trailers. Listen folks, the tale of Cap and Bucky's friendship is beautiful, and we can't wait to see them fighting side-by-side once again. We also can't wait to see how Iron Man reacts to having the man who killed his parents on the same team as him.


Seeing the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy team up will be awesome, but we can't wait to see the beginnings of the team up as well. Released as a teaser and parts of various trailers, the scene that connects the cosmic branch of the MCU with the superhero branch will easily be one of the coolest parts of Infinity War, and we can't wait to see it. We are, of course, talking about when Thor meets the Guardians.

What was Thor doing flying through space and why did he hit the Guardians' ship?

Just how jealous and petty will Star-Lord get with Thor and his clearly superior muscles? Will Rocket want to steal his eyepatch? How and why will Thor lead the Guardians to Earth? We can't wait to find out in Infinity War.


Thanos is easily one of the greatest, if not the greatest big bad villain of Marvel Comics. So, it makes sense that he's the big bad of the first phases of the MCU. Because of this, we're excited to see how he is fully introduced into Infinity War. Yes, we've seen glimpses and even full lines of dialogue from the Mad Titan in the MCU, but, we've yet to see him have a proper introduction.

Thus, we cannot wait to see how Thanos arrives on Earth. We imagine it will be epic and intense, like the whole Earth is shuddering at his very presence. With how much the MCU has built up Thanos as a threat, we hope his arrival on Earth makes him seem just as scary as all the buildup implies.


Okay, to be fair, there isn't actually any confirmation that Nick Fury is in Infinity War; however, that hasn't stopped fans from speculating and getting excited to see whether or not Fury actually made it into the film. There are theories that claim Fury will be in the film, and if it is a small part, whether it will lead to a full-on return to the MCU, or even a post-credits teaser for Captain Marvel. Either way, fans would be delighted to see the character once again.

After all, the entire MCU started with Nick Fury. Well, it started with Iron Man, but, without the post-credits Nick Fury scene, there would have been no implication of a larger world, so Fury is just as responsible for the shared film universe, as well as the popularization of the post-credits scene. Do you think Fury will show up in Infinity War?


Okay, quick fan-theory time: we think that Thanos will get all the stones in the film and Avengers 4 will be about the Avengers fixing all the damage Thanos did to reality and time, perhaps with the help of Doctor Strange based on the set-photos. Bold theories aside, if Thanos does get all the Infinity Stones, the scene where they all come together will be as epic as it will be frightening for our heroes.

How awesome would it be if Thanos actually snaps his fingers and erases everyone in existence?

Will he put it all back together again just to toy with his enemies and test the power of the Infinity Gauntlet? The premier of Infinity War cannot come fast enough, because we are so excited to see that moment when Thanos gets all the Infinity Stones and raises the stakes to universal heights.


Black Panther was a huge hit, everyone was enamored with T'Challa and the technologically advanced world of Wakanda. In fact, Black Panther was so awesome, we kind of want a sequel right away. Though that isn't going to happen, we are going to get the chance to see more of the Black Panther himself as well as his homeland of Wakanda in Infinity War.

Not only does it seem like the final stand for the fate of the universe will be made in Wakanda, but we will also get to see some of our favorite characters and elements return in Infinity War. Okoye and Shuri will make a return in Infinity War and just as cool, we'll get to see Cap use a different kind of Vibranium shield. Seeing as the final(?) fight will take place in Wakanda, we are also excited to see how the Avengers will prepare to combat Thanos


Pretty much since Infinity War was announced, fans have been speculating which character, or characters, will die in the biggest film of the MCU. It's easy to see why these theories have developed, with so many characters and so many actors claiming they are done with their respective characters after Infinity War, multiple character deaths could be right around the corner.

The trailers seem to imply at least one Avenger will be dead by the end of it all.

Fans are excited to see who will be killed as well as the effects it will have on the MCU. Will Peter Parker die and will Miles Morales take his place? Will Infinity War kill Iron Man, the one who started it all? Or will it be Vision, the character who is just a bit too powerful for the tamed comic book world of the MCU?


If you didn't think that Thanos and little Gamora wasn't the cutest gosh-dang thing in the entire trailer, then you can just stop reading right now (just kidding, you're halfway through the list already, keep on truckin' true believer). Though Gamora's childhood as one of Thanos' adopted daughters was clearly horrific, we can't wait to see this flashback in the movie, as well as the rest of Gamora's tales of Thanos. The trailers have implied that Gamora will be the one to tell everyone about Thanos, which makes us even more excited.

Though it might be a bit exposition-heavy, if Gamora gets to tells us all about the Mad Titan, it will be awesome and horrific and all-around exciting. We could use a little more background on Thanos, and hearing the stories of his conquest and thirst for power through Gamora will definitely be one of the coolest parts of Infinity War.


In the last Avengers movie, The Hulk launched himself into space, afraid that his uncontrollable rage would someday hurt the people he loves. Specifically, Bruce exiled himself so that he would not hurt Black Widow, as the two had started to grow close during Age of Ultron. The Hulk has not been back to Earth since then, finding a new home on Sakaar, where he fought as a gladiator.

But, at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, the Hulk was at the side of Thor, which means that he might meet the Guardians alongside him at some point. It also means that The Hulk will eventually make his way back to Earth, and maybe, just maybe, we will see Bruce and Natasha reunite. Maybe their feelings are still strong for each other, or maybe Bruce leaving hurt Natasha too much. Either way, we can't to see how this romance turns out.


Speaking of superhero romances, there's another power couple that we can't wait to see express their feelings on-screen in Infinity War. We are, of course, talking about the comic-book-canon couple of Scarlet Witch and The Vision. Though he is an artificial being, The Vision still has a soul, one that burns for Scarlet Witch, and if the above moment from the Infinity War trailers is any indication, we will see this comic book couple come to life on the big screen.

But, will that love last? Or will Vision die by the end of the film, leaving Wanda devastated?

Will she be left pregnant with the children she had in the comics? Can that even happen with these versions of the characters? Regardless of the details, this is one romance we are excited to see in the upcoming film.


The MCU would not be complete without the humor we have come to know and love. All the Marvel movies have plenty of jokes to keep things light and fun, funny moments that make the films feel more comic book-y. We've seen little bits of comedy in some of the trailers like Star-Lord and the Guardians coming across a unconscious Thor and Peter Parker meeting Doctor Strange, and we are excited to see more.

The MCU's comedic moments aren't just there to get a cheap laugh, they are often strategically placed to ease tension, to humanize moments of incredibly fear and dread and show that even in times of danger, someone is going to crack a joke because they're scared. Even if this isn't the exact case, the jokes in the MCU are such a signature of the MCU that Infinity War would not be complete without them.


As we mentioned earlier, the final, or at least the most important battle of Infinity War will be taking place in Wakanda. There are no words for how epic this part is going to be. Seriously, just look at that picture! You got the Avengers and the warriors of Wakanda rushing into battle against Thanos, people from all walks of life working together to save the universe from the Mad Titan, a humble kid from Brooklyn leading them under a united cause.

We hope this scene will be as powerful as the trailers portray it, and we are excited to see how this final, climatic battle in Wakanda will end. While we're on the subject, where are the rest of the Avengers? Will they be coming with the rest of Wakanda's warriors? Or are they preparing some kind of technological attack with the country's advanced weapons?


Speaking of the final battle, there's one thing we NEED to see in Infinity War for it to truly be an Avengers film. In both The Avengers and Age of Ultron, there was one scene in which all the Avengers fought together in tandem, as though they were dancing to the tune of kicking bad-guy butt. These scenes had the camera move from Avenger to Avenger, showcasing all of their skills and powers as they worked together to save the world.

Though these might be signatures of Joss Whedon's direction of the first two Avengers films, we are still excited to see how every single Avenger comes together in the climax. We are excited to see if the similar-powered individuals will use team-up attacks and how things like Star-Lord's sharp shooting will pair with Dr. Strange's mystic arts.


It's time to talk about the one thing about Infinity War that has us worried, the visuals. Half of the original Avengers lineup do not have their signature looks for the biggest event in the MCU; Black Widow has blonde hair, Iron Man's armor is just a bit too video-gamey, Thor is missing his long hair and right eye and Cap looks like a hobo version of himself, which is the most disappointing, since he should be rocking the stars and stripes for such a big event.

That's not all that's messed up with the visuals either, since Thanos, who looks WAY better with his armor, is rocking the badly CGI'ed bald and sleeveless look and the Iron Spider suit is also pretty hard to look at. The rest of the CGI in the trailers looks pretty lackluster as well, though we'll wait for the film to judge it completely.

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