The Reality Stone Surfaces As Captain Marvel Is Adrift In A Mirror Universe

Reality Bites

Meanwhile, Mim and her employer Dr. Eve are somewhere in the caverns of a faraway planet looking for what Dr. Eve describes as The Heart of Gaia, which was hidden inside an underground temple. Braving the alien squid that guard The Heart, the two villains seize it and exit the caverns, causing a cave-in to stop anyone from tracking who it was that stole it. However, the pair have already caught the attention of Lord Starkill, the Peter Quill of this universe, who guns them both down from far away and retrieves the Heart of Gaia for his own employer. While Lord Starkill doesn’t know what he has in his hands, we know that it is in fact the Reality Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones which power the fabled Infinity Gauntlet.


Marvel Studios has been teasing some big moves with the Infinity Stones in the lead-up to its blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, due in theaters next year. Meanwhile, on the Marvel Comics side of things, the original Wolverine returned several months back the pages of Marvel Legacy #1 and acquired the Space Stone, while the Guardians of the Galaxy recently learned of the whereabouts of the Power Stone, which is a lot bigger than we’re used to. In a recent interview, Guardians of the Galaxy writer Gerry Duggan explained, “The Reality Stone might not be in this reality, and the Time Stone may be not in our particular timeline right now. And so, there is a real sense that, in order to gather them, you would have to do some really heavy lifting.” which lines up with the recent revelation that the Reality Stone is in this new mirror universe.

It wasn’t long ago that Marvel released a teaser for its impending Infinity Event featuring Star-Lord, Wolverine and Captain Marvel holding the Power, Space and Reality stones respectively. At the time, it wasn’t clear when and if Carol Danvers would get her hands on the stone, but now it seems that’s exactly where the story is heading. Of course, even with the Space, Power and Reality Stones in hand, that still leaves three more to find. Duggan hinted that the Time Stone might be in another timeline -- and indeed, a broken Time Stone fragment made its debut in timeline which Duggan alluded to in the possession of King Thanos, a version of the Mad Titan from the future who was introduced last week in Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s Thanos #13. The Soul Stone is famously linked to Adam Warlock, who is returning in a few months time, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see it turn up there, while the Mind Gem may end up having something to do with the return of Charles Xavier in Astonishing X-Men.


2018 is definitely going to be the year of the Infinity Stones. Marvel has committed to the cross-media synergy by renaming them from Gems in the comics, and upcoming “post-credits scenes” in Marvel’s January titles are going to feature Wolverine’s adventures with his newfound stone of unimaginable cosmic power. Whatever happens next, Carol Danvers needs to get her hands on that Reality Stone to get back to the Prime Marvel Universe, but then what do you do with an Infinity Stone when everyone is after them? Things are about to get hectic in the Marvel Universe heading into the new year.

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