"Infinity Inc." and Beyond: Talking with Peter Milligan

In 1983, Roy Thomas first introduced readers to the next generation of DC Comics heroes in a title called Infinity Inc., comprised of the children and heirs of the Justice Society. Last seen in the pages of 52 under the tutelage of the one and only Lex Luthor, Infinity Inc. will be returning in an ongoing series by writer Peter Milligan and artist Max Fiumara. Milligan, who has worked on such mainstream team books as X-Statix and X-Men, sat down with CBR News to talk about his return to DC and about what fans can expect from the latest incarnation of Infinity Inc.

The members of the most recent iteration of Infinity Inc. were the products of Lex Luthor's Everyman Project, a metagene therapy that could grant superpowers to everyday people, and the team was at the criminal mastermind's beck and call. John Henry Irons' niece Natasha had joined Luthor's team out of defiance, but was instrumental in bringing Luthor down when his true agenda was revealed. Luthor's Everyman Project hangs like a shadow over much of the book and many of the characters in it, Milligan said.

Milligan did reveal that both Steel and Natasha would feature prominently in his Infinity Inc. [Steel] probably sees himself as heading up the team, Milligan said. Though the members of the team would probably dispute that. Steel's niece Natasha will be there from the beginning, and she probably feels like she's heading up the team, too. The first arc will deal with who makes up the team, so I'd rather leave it at that.

Milligan was similarly tight-lipped about the plot of the book. At the risk of coming across as a bit secretive, I'm going to be a bit secretive and say that I don't want to give too much away about the book, Milligan said. This book picks up about a year - that is real time - since we last saw the characters in '52,' and during this first arc – called 'Kid Empty' – the different angle that this book will take on the characters, their world and their powers will begin to become clear. Milligan did say that, to the best of his knowledge, Infinity Inc. will not tie directly in to Countdown.

I received a phone call from the editor, Matt Idelson, and we talked about 'Infinity Inc.' a little, Milligan said, of his recruitment. I went away and thought about it. I knew if I was going to get involved, I'd have to make the book something that really interested me. Something that felt different and mine. Matt and the powers that be at DCU were really excited about what I came up with and where I planned on taking the book and here we are, all raring to go.

Though recent years found Milligan at Marvel, some of the British author's early work in American comics included Vertigo's Shade The Changing Man and Animal Man, and DC's Mature Readers' imprint will always have a special place in Milligan's heart. I feel as though I never quite leave Vertigo or DC, Milligan admitted. I just take extended vacations. And even though Infinity Inc. is in the DCU proper, Milligan hopes to bring a little glimmer of Vertigo sensibility to the project.

It was on the recommendation of Matt Idelson that Max Fiumara was brought on to pencil Infinity Inc. Matt liked [Fiumara's] work, Milligan said. Matt showed me Max's work and I liked it, too. So far Max has been a real sweetheart. I'm looking forward to continuing working with him on this.

Infinity Inc. isn't the only project Milligan is working on. Among other things, I'm half way through writing a 12 part series called 'The Programme' for Wildstorm, Milligan said. I've also written a graphic novel for Vertigo for their noir thriller line, called 'The Bronx Kill.'

The first issue of Infinity Inc. hits stands in September, 2007.

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