Which Marvel Character Actually Created the Infinity Gauntlet?

In 1989, Jim Starlin took over the writing duties on Silver Surfer (working with artist Ron Lim on the book), and Starlin quickly brought Thanos back to life and then had Thanos go on a quest for the gems again in a miniseries appropriately titled Thanos Quest. As it began, Thanos notes that they really should be called Infinity Gems and not Soul Gems...

Naturally, Thanos succeeded on this quest, but notice what happens once he has all of the Infinity Gems. He just has them all there in front of him, not as part of any specific holding device...

Even at the end of the story, when Thanos realizes that even though he is now as powerful as a god, that isn't enough for Death to love him (He has to earn her love), the book advertises the then-upcoming Infinity Gauntlet series -- and Thanos isn't actually using any sort of gauntlet!!

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When the Infinity Gauntlet finally debuted in Silver Surfer #44 (by Jim Starlin, Ron Lim and Tom Christopher), it is clear that the "Infinity Gauntlet" is simply the gauntlet that Thanos was already wearing! It was not some new cosmic device; he just attached the Infinity Gems to his glove and that, by default, became the Infinity Gauntlet.

The following issue is the first one to actually refer to it as the Infinity Gauntlet, as Mephisto tries to steal it off of Thanos' hand...

So there you go, what we now know as the Infinity Gauntlet was just Thanos' normal glove with the gems stuck on to it. That's a bit of an underwhelming origin, but that's what we have!

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