Infinity Dankness: 15 Side-Splittingly Hilarious Infinity Gauntlet Memes

infinity gauntlet memes

If you stuck around for the credits of Thor: Ragnarok, you were rewarded with two post credits scenes, one of which ended with Thor and Loki staring at an absolutely enormous spaceship. This ship, of course, belongs to the Mad Titan Thanos, and is yet another reminder that Avengers: Infinity War is less than a year away. The MCU has been building up to the Infinity War since its beginning, and now that we're almost ten years into this universe, we're just two Marvel movies shy of witnessing Thanos clash with some of our favorite Avengers. This won't happen until May 2018 though, so we still have a little time to kill.

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Memes are a great way to kill time, and there certainly isn't a shortage of infinity-themed ones. There are memes that cross multiple universes, memes that describe annoying people, memes that show just how ready we are for the waiting to be over, and memes that are just plain goofy. There are infinity memes about tea, infinity memes about Batman, and infinity memes about everything else in between. To start you on your search, we've compiled 15 awesome memes inspired by the Infinity Wars, Infinity Stones, and Infinity Gauntlet.

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Fans have been freaking out about Thanos and the inevitable conflict over the Infinity Gauntlet since we first saw him in The Avengers. At the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, it looked like Thanos was through sending lackeys to do his dirty work and was ready to collect the Infinity Stones himself. Then Captain America: Civil War happened without any Infinity Stones. After that came Dr. Strange, which had an Infinity Stone, but Thanos didn't make a move.

Then we had Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, where the intergalactic setting could easily have been used to hint about his movements across the universe, and STILL nothing. We finally caught a glimpse of his spaceship during the credits of Thor: Ragnarok, but it's been two years since his resolve to do it himself, and he hasn't done anything crazy yet. No wonder he's ticked off in this meme!


infinity memes 5

This meme reminds us that, even with all of reality at your fingertips, there are some things you just can't force, like winning the heart of your crush. In the "Infinity Gauntlet" story arc, Thanos tried to use the Infinity Gauntlet to win the heart of Mistress Death, who just wasn't into him. Thanos tried everything: He killed half the population in the universe, and she gave him the silent treatment.

He built her a palace and did unimaginably cruel things to his brother and pretend granddaughter, and she was still unimpressed. Thanos even fought a large group of superheroes using only one Infinity Stone at a time, and all Death did was save a couple of them so they could defeat him. Friendzoned would be putting it nicely.


tea time

One explanation for Thanos' delay in taking action after he picked up the Infinity Gauntlet is that he plans on waiting for the superheroes to finish each other off before going after the Infinity Stones. This meme suggests that he's merely biding his time, waiting for just the right moment to swoop in conquer the universe.

Even if you are a freakishly powerful titan, there's no reason to go through all the effort of taking down multiple groups of superheroes when they are happy to take each other down for you, Right? Thanos certainly seems to think so, and from what we see here, he is perfectly content to enjoy some tea while the world sorts out the whole Team Cap, Team Iron Man thing.


Big boss


So we have this great war hero. He did special ops for a while, became disenchanted with all the politics involved, and now he does his own thing with an elite group of fighters. We could be talking about Steve Rogers, but we could also be talking about the Metal Gear character Naked Snake, aka Big Boss. To make a complicated story short, Naked Snake takes the name Big Boss after he's turned away from working for his country.

Going into the Infinity War, Rogers is done being Captain America, which we saw at the end of Civil War when he tossed his shield aside. Considering the similarities he has with Big Boss, fans just couldn't help themselves, and gave Rogers an eyepatch to match Big Boss.


infinity memes

Sure, Batman is brilliant and resourceful, but what he manages to pull off in this meme is impressive even for the Dark Knight. Batman asks for an hour, and then he comes back with the Infinity Gauntlet AND a whole rainbow of Lantern Power Rings. The MCU Thanos goes after the Infinity Stones, and after almost ten years, he doesn't have a single one.

Batman disappears for only 60 minutes, and he manages to come back with all six Infinity Stones and a bunch of Lantern rings. Thanos clearly needs to take some lessons from Batman, who is now ready to completely destroy his opponent. Poor Goku. How was he supposed to know Batman would come back with enough power to rewrite existence and then some?


squirrel girl infinity

To take down Thanos, the largest cast of live-action Marvel superheroes ever assembled will come together for the Infinity War. But if we were looking for a simple solution that wouldn't entail multiple movies, we'd be looking for Squirrel Girl. While her name may be a little uninspiring, Squirrel Girl is tremendously powerful. So powerful, in fact, that the Infinity War might turn into one short-lived Infinity Battle if she makes an appearance.

As shown in this meme, Squirrel Girl has defeated Thanos with nothing more than a couple of squirrels, and is a forced to reckoned with. However, she's probably too much of a force to be reckoned with for a movie centered on the combined powers of some of the biggest names in Marvel. Sorry, Squirrel Girl. It's a compliment, really.


infinity memes 1

When you're bringing together a giant group of vigilantes and superheroes, you're bound to get a few characters who will throw all caution to the wind and do something crazy. Especially when they're all together, someone is bound to defy whatever warning they were given and grab an Infinity Stone with their bare hand, shrink small enough to fit in-between molecules, or use an Infinity Stone to create a time loop.

Wait...they've already done all that. Imagine what will happen when they're all in the same movie! This meme shows us just how brave (and crazy) some of our heroes are, although we might have to change the #YOLO to something else, since we'll probably see several characters killed and brought back to life during the Infinity War.


infinity memes 2

Amazingly, the world is not solely comprised of beings well-versed in iconic Marvel events and objects. As the hype for Avengers: Infinity War builds, some people have had to turn to Google for an explanation of some of the things we've been waiting for, like the Infinity Gauntlet itself. That's fine; these people needed to get up to speed, and they were probably too busy doing something important to stay in the know, like, um...anyway, there are different levels of fans.

So if you didn't need a search engine to tell you what the Infinity Gauntlet was, and if you're that dedicated fan who knows what's going on can't wait for May 2018, this one's for you. We're so proud of you, and so is Leonardo Dicaprio. Cheers!


bake it infinity

If you want something done, the saying goes, you have to do it yourself. Thanos knew this to be true, and it looks like his wisdom is catching on in the more enlightened kitchens on planet earth. In this meme, Thanos' appearance from the end of Age of Ultron is recreated in a baking setting, with the Infinity Gauntlet swapped for an Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt, and instead of resolving to collect the most powerful stones on earth, this cook is ready to get his hands dirty and bake.

Thanos may not have made it to earth yet, but his resolve to do things personally has already infiltrated some of our kitchens. Let's just hope this cook has more success with preparing food than Thanos will have conquering the galaxy.


infinity bore me

You know those annoying political debates on social media? You know, the ones that drag on and on, to the point where all parties concerned sound like total jerks? Those fruitless conversations are just asking for this meme. Boring politics, people behaving like children, sound familiar to anyone?

Whoever can't recall an occasion where this meme summed up what was going on, or who doesn't immediately associate this a particular person in their life, has had a very nice life indeed. For the rest of us, we now have a fun way to disrupt a pointless debate. If we're brave enough to interrupt a group of intensely opinionated people, that is. Thanos didn't put up with any of that nonsense, though, so why should we?


infinity memes 4

What exactly has the Winter Soldier been up to lately? When we last left him, he was in stasis in a Wakandan lab, and he didn't plan on leaving until someone found a way to remove his extensive Hydra brainwashing. Or, maybe, that's just what we're supposed to think. This meme suggests that Bucky Barnes is actually out in the world, currently on a mission to take out whoever leaked the Avengers: Infinity War trailer for his producer.

Poor Bucky, finally done with all the Civil War drama, and now's out eliminating targets for Kevin Feige. This would explain why the Winter Soldier won't be making an appearance in Black Panther, although if this is the case, whoever leaked that trailer had better watch their back.


too long infinity

Thanos made his first MCU appearance back in 2012, in a scene in the The Avengers. If we count that the MCU has been setting the stage for the Infinity War since it started in 2008, we have about a ten-year gap between then and when Thanos will finally come for the Infinity Stones in 2018. Is the rest of universe just going to wait around and then start his story arc when he arrives?

In this meme, the answer is definitely no. After waiting for ten years, Captain America explains to Thanos that the rest of the MCU has moved on, and are in thick of the Secret Wars. Luckily for us in the real world, Avengers: Infinity War is still coming out in 2018, whether it's taken a decade to set up or not.


scarier batman infinity

Typically, the sight of Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet is enough to drive fear into the hearts of his enemies. From what we see here though, Batman wielding the Infinity Gauntlet brings fear to a whole new level. We're talking, make the evil ruler of Apokolips wet his pants, level of fear. Why is the Infinity Gauntlet way more intimidating in the Caped Crusader's possession than in the hands of an evil, purple alien? Because he's Batman, of course.

Batman's presence in these infinity memes, whether to beat up Goku or make Darkseid wet himself, shows just how much the world wants to see Batman with the Infinity Gauntlet. They might be in different multiverses, but we can fix that with a couple of Infinity Stones, right?


infinity memes 3

Forget Team Cap and Team Iron Man, the real powerhouse team is still on its way. Team Thanos, which consists of Thanos and eventually six Infinity Stones, will wield the power to alter all reality across the multiverse. Time, space, life, actual reality and everything in between will be at his beck and call. Our post-Civil War Avenger groups are so outclassed, that they won't have a chance unless they chose to put aside their differences and work together to save the world (it might take them most of the movie to figure that out though).

Even then, their enemy is still ridiculously more powerful than their combined might, and unless they've decided to recruit Squirrel Girl, and it's going to be quite the challenge to defeat someone who can command all the power in the Universe.


who is thanos

We've been waiting for Thanos and the Infinity War for a long time. We've been watching as the Infinity Stones appear in the MCU one by one. We've been freaking out as we've caught glimpses of him in Guardians of the Galaxy and in after credit scenes. We finally saw his ship at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, and we're all so excited that he's just two Marvel movies away from wreaking havoc on the Avengers and all of reality.

And yet, we're still coming across people who ask, "Who's Thanos?" And the only answer to that question is this meme. Ok, you could substitute the meme with, "Where have you been the last ten years?" But that's not nearly as fun as the meme.

Which of these do you think is the funniest? Let us know in the comments!

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