Marvel Teases a Reality Stone-Powered ‘Green Lantern’ Ring

A Green Lantern ring is one of the most powerful weapons in the DC Universe. Of course, when it comes to mighty weaponry, the Marvel Universe has a few of its own. In fact, a group of six powerful artifacts are taking center stage in Marvel's Infinity Countdown event series in the form of the Infinity Stones.

As heroes and villains from across the Marvel Universe compete to gain possession of the Infinity Stones, Captain Marvel has already obtained the Reality Stone, giving her access to the vast Multiverse. These alternate realities make an appearance in a preview of Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1, as Carol Danvers seeks advice from her counterparts on how to defeat Blastaar.

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While the many Captain Marvels of the Multiverse are a delight to Easter egg seeker's, one in particular wears his Reality Stone in a nod to DC's cosmic police force.

The Kree Captain Mar-Vell can be seen wielding his universe's Reality Stone on his right hand, in the same manner as the Green Lantern Corps. The DC heroes use their willpower to control the Lantern rings, but we're not told if this Captain Marvel must do the same to unleash the Reality Stone's immense power.

The Reality Stone ring isn't the only callback to the DC Universe seen in the preview pages. On the very edge of one page is a Captain Marvel wearing a red and blue costume with a flowing cape similar to that of DC's Shazam, who himself used to go by the moniker of Captain Marvel. Infinity Countdown Prime #1 contained a similar panel, confirming the DC Universe is one of the many alternate universes at Marvel.

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Marvel shows just enough of these Shazam references where you have to be looking very closely to even catch the Easter eggs, which only makes them mean that much more. However, as much fun as it is to imagine Captain Marvel and Shazam teaming up to collect the Infinity Stones, we'll have to settle for clever uses of the Reality Stone that result in it being worn as sparkly jewelry.

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