Infinity Countdown Attempts to Justify Captain Marvel's Civil War II Actions


WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1 by Jim McCann and Diego Olortegui, in stores now.

In 2016, the heroes of the Marvel Universe were once again split down the middle in a conflict that pitted friend against super-friend. In Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez's Civil War II, Tony Stark and Carol Danvers found themselves standing on opposite sides of an argument that involved a new Inhuman named Ulysses who had the ability to see the future. On one side, Captain Marvel wanted to use this new resource as a pragmatic way to prevent any and all catastrophes or attacks coming their way. On the other side, Iron Man believed that the future was never set in stone, and that people shouldn't be punished or arrested for crimes they might never commit.

This led to many people -- both Marvel's heroes and fans -- siding with Tony Stark, a bit of a surprise after almost everyone had sided with Captain America in the first Civil War. For many readers, the very character of Captain Marvel was lessened in the event, her beliefs and core values reduced in order to facilitate a superhero disagreement. An argument was made equating her actions to racial profiling, and it didn't ring true that someone as strong as Carol, both of body and mind, would make such rash decisions.

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By the end of the event, her actions inadvertently led to the death of the Hulk at Hawkeye's hands, a manhunt for Miles Morales due to a vision that indicated he would kill Captain America, a full-on war between friends, and the near-death of Tony Stark... at Captain Marvel's hands.


Ever since the end of the event, Carol Danvers has been viewed by fans as someone in great need of redemption, so that her character could once again be set on the righteous path she was on before.

In this week's Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel #1, Carol finally comes face-to-face with her actions in Civil War II. But while she sees and understands the mistakes she made, she isn't exactly asking for forgiveness either.

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