Infinity Countdown #4 Preview Reveals the 'Birth' of Requiem


Ever since its beginning, all three issues of Marvel's Infinity Countdown have started with a single prologue page featuring a dwarfen smith forging some type of weapon for a mysterious captor. While this character kept to the dark, the preview for Infinity Countdown #4 reveals that this person was none other than Requiem, the mysterious new character at the center of Marvel's next summer event series, Infinity Wars.

In the upcoming issue’s opening page, we finally see what the dwarven smith has been forging all this time: Requiem’s helm, adorned with a signature infinity logo. We don’t know what this particular helmet can do yet, but we do know that it is so powerful that even the dwarf believed forging such an object would earn the murderous wrath of his masters.

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Infinity Countdown Requiem debut

The mysterious female character was recently revealed by Marvel, who confirmed that the character would play a central role in Infinity Wars and herald the possible death of a major character.

Since her face has not been shown yet, it stands to reason that the identity of Requiem is one known to readers. Now, after being teased for the past few months, the character finally makes her debut next week — and her role will only get bigger from there.

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Infinity Countdown #4 hits stores on Wednesday, June 6.

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