Infinity #6

As this event draws to a close, "Infinity" #6 delivers a forty-four-page finale drawn by Jim Cheung and Dustin Weaver, which serves as the conclusion to Jonathan Hickman's mega-story. Unlike other events of late, "Infinity" #6 finishes the story of the multi-pronged invasion and Thanos' quest to trim the final vestiges of his legacy. Defying comparisons to other events, Hickman and company use "Infinity" #6 to show readers and creators alike just how events should be finished.

Hickman never marginalizes the scope of the battle in this comic. While the universe has been saved from the throngs of invaders led by the Builders, Earth is still under siege from Thanos and his followers. Captain America leads the Avengers into one more battle while the Illuminati (Iron Man, Namor, Beast, Stephen Strange and Black Panther) deal with Thanos' general, Supergiant, in the Necropolis beneath Wakanda. In the battles throughout "Infinity" #6, the big guns get dynamic moments in the sun with Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Hulk all having a chance to throw down with Thanos and/or one of his generals. Special attention is placed on Black Bolt and his scheming brother, Maximus with a nice spotlight thrown on Lockjaw. Although I'm certain the improbability is quite high, I cannot help but imagine Tom Hiddleston playing Maximus.

Hickman has already seized my attention with his ability to tell the long tale, filled with sharp, intricate, instant stories. "Infinity" #6 shows, in one single issue, the results of Hickman's meticulous planning and framing of future yarns. Hickman has added the Cull Obsidian to the Marvel Universe as wholly developed villains. He brought back Starbrand and Nightshade. He even made the Kree and Skrull Empires galactic threats once more and bridges the sagas of "Infinity" and "Inhumanity" by creating and defining Thane, a new character with startling potential. "Infinity" #6 reaps the results of Hickman's work over the past few years while seeding the Marvel Universe for expansion and excitement as Marvel NOW! turns toward the future.

Artwork from Jim Cheung is always a welcome addition to any Avengers related story. Cheung is every bit as comfortable drawing quiet moments of a diverse cast readying for a fight as he is with drawing action and adventure as that cast clashes with the Cull Obsidian. Cheung's Thanos is massive and intimidating, the type of character rendered just so perfectly that the issue beckons readers back to savor the care placed in each line that defines this massive galactic villain. While Cheung may have an odd layout choice or two -- like the shot of Captains America and Marvel, Hyperion and Thor descending on Thanos' generals from out of the sun, just look at the formation to see what I mean -- his pages are simply breathtaking and electrifying. Dustin Weaver capably chips in on this issue, giving the Illuminati a fine action sequence that celebrates that collection o characters quite nicely. Through it all, Chris Eliopoulos' letters function like mortar, cementing the images of the characters to Hickman's story. Justin Ponsor and Ive Svorcina make a dynamic coloring duo, combining to produce nearly tangible lighting effects and gorgeous conflicts. This is easily one of the most visually brilliant comic event conclusions produced in the past few years.

While "Infinity" #6 ties a nice bow on this saga, there are plenty of plot threads teased out for future story arcs and events, including "Inhumanity." One of those threads spins over to "New Avengers" #12, which appears to offer up an epilogue to this adventure. Hickman and company finish the prime "Infinity" in a most satisfying manner, presenting a solid template for future events.

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