The Infected: Scarab Sees Jaime Reyes Struggle Against The Darkness Inside

The Batman Who Laughs insidious influence continues to spread across the DC Universe in The Infected, a line of one-shot special issues focusing on heroes corrupted by the Dark Multiverse villain.

As revealed in the pages of Batman/Superman, the teenage Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes is the latest superhero to become transformed by the evil alternate universe Batman. The character will be the subject of a special by Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum, Freddie E. Williams II and Jeremy Colwell as Jaime's friends and family are caught up in the crossfire of the Batman Who Laughs' schemes. The cover, illustrated by David Marquez, advance solicitation information and unlettered preview art are below.

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  • cover by DAVID MARQUEZ
  • When Jaime Reyes is in trouble, a powerful scarab transforms him into a super hero. Jaime never asked to be the Blue Beetle, but he’s been doing his best to live up to the power within. Now the most sinister evil this or any other world has ever seen has his sights set on turning Jaime toward the darkness...and the Batman Who Laughs always gets what he wants. Spinning out of the events of Batman/ Superman and “Year of the Villain” comes the tale of a hero fighting the evil inside, and whose friends and family are about to pay the price...
  • ON SALE 11.20.19
  • $3.99 US | 32 PAGES FC|DC

The Infected: Scarab #1 is written by Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum and illustrated by Freddie E. Williams II and Jeremy Colwell. It is scheduled to go on sale November 20 from DC Comics.

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