Infamous Iron Man: How Doctor Doom Became a Marvel Superhero

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In the Marvel Universe, it's tough to see Doctor Doom as anything but a villain.While his schemes occasionally do have some sort of overall benefit to them, Victor Von Doom doesn't care if innocents are killed for the greater good, and his role as a would-be savior is usually overshadowed by his role as a narcissistic tyrant.

However, Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev's Infamous Iron Man truly changed Doom for the better, turning him into a full-fledged, genuine hero for a few years. Now, CBR is taking a dive back into into Doom's recent tenure as the replacement Iron Man, what Doom did as a hero and how that time came to an end.

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After Doom breifly took over the Marvel Multiverse  Secret Wars, Doom's face was healed, and his villainous tendencies were softened when reality was reconstructed. With his new sunnier outlook on the world, Doom felt it best to honor Iron Man's legacy and give the world another armored hero after Tony Stark died in Civil War II.

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After rescuing S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Maria Hill from Diablo, this moment of self-realization came in a visit to Stark's lab, where he revealed to Tony's A.I. he wanted to assume the mantle of Iron Man to continue to protect the planet. Doom traveled to Bolivia, where he offered the Mad Thinker a chance at redemption before making him the first target of the heroic journey he now found himself on.

Combining Tony's technology and with his own genius, Doom charted a course which he knew would bring forth naysayers. He remained relatively reticent when being questioned about why he was seeking atonement, thinking he'd just exacerbate the situation and aggravate them. Nonetheless, Doom was off to a successful start as a hero that was worthy of the Iron Man mantle.


Infamous Iron Man raids Hydra Science Island

Unsurprisingly, Doom went on to have quite a few run-ins with those who doubted his good intentions. While he encountered his mom, the witch Cynthia, and also had issues with the Maker, the young, evil Reed Richard from the Ultimate Universe, Doom faced the most opposition and challenges came from those who didn't trust him. From the Thing to S.H.I.E.L.D. and Gwenpool, several heroes wanted to bring him to justice, believing Doom would one day weaponize Latveria again.

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Doom would also run afoul of Tony's successor, Riri Williams, Ironheart, but she ended up being one of the few people he proved himself to, and she briefly ruled over Latveria for a bit. Despite his best efforts, no one believed Victor, and the uncertainty around him culminated in a conflict with Doctor Strange and Mephisto, who'd been secretly keeping tabs on Doom all along.

This reiterated how much Doom couldn't outrun his supervillain past, and even after turning himself over to S.H.I.E.L.D., he couldn't outrun his past. While  he may not have been an official Avenger, he was something close to it and went on to take on Hydra.


Infamous Iron Man 12 Mephisto vs Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom or Iron Doom

Once Tony Star and War Machine were both resurrected and returned to active duty, it was only a matter time before Doom's stint as Iron Man ended. In a massive brawl against the Hood, the armored duo joined Doom, who was ultimately scarred in the battle. He could only return to Latvia to lick his wounds.

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After seeing that no one appreciated his good deeds, Doom began falling into a mad descent once more. Victor would eventually return as a villain when the Fantastic Four came back to Earth in Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli's Fantastic Four. When Doom grew resentful about the quartet's warm reception after returning from their multiversal excursion,   he decided to try to trap them. Doom quickly slid back into his old habits and even tryied to use a kidnapped Galactus' technology as a weapon once more. This cemented Doom as a villain again, marking the end of his brief time walking a more virtuous path.

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