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‘Inevitability, Realized’: Gilligan Teases the End of Breaking Bad

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‘Inevitability, Realized’: Gilligan Teases the End of <i>Breaking Bad</i>

Vince Gilligan is getting a bit frenzied as he nears the end of Breaking Bad. The showrunner is finishing up the last eight episodes of the hit AMC series, and he knows that the pressure is on.

“We’re not gonna please everyone, we’re not gonna please everyone. … This is what I keep telling myself so I can sleep at night,” he told Vulture. “It’s going to be polarizing no matter how you slice it, but you don’t want 10 percent to say it was great and 90 percent to say it sucked ass. You want those numbers to be reversed.”

A smart mind frame to be in, if you ask us. Gilligan went on to detail the 10 things he’s keeping in mind as we near the end of Walter White’s strange, fascinating journey from cancer-ridden chemistry teacher to Heisenberg, meth lord extraordinaire. Although he said he once thought he knew how to end Walt’s tale, he said he now is unsure. Don’t let that get you worried, because Gilligan is keeping a classic in mind.

“[Casablanca‘s ending is] pretty perfect. No one gets everything they wanted. The guy doesn’t get the girl, but he has the satisfaction of knowing she wants him. And he doesn’t get her because he has to save the free world. What better ending is there than that?” he said. “I’m not saying we’re going to approach that or reach in that direction. Our story doesn’t line up [with Casablanca]. But we’re looking for that kind of satisfaction.”

With that being said, Gilligan revealed the ending of Breaking Bad probably won’t come out of left field. There will be some surprises along the way, but he wants something that build toward the feeling of inevitability.

“There’s this feeling of satisfaction that derives from that inevitability. In a sense, inevitability, realized,’” he said. “That’s what I think we do on this show. We try to have a surprise around every corner but inevitability as well. The opposite of surprise. It’s something that I feel should and will be an important component to the end of the series. To me, that is an interesting thing and a thing to be embraced, that feeling of ‘I think I know where this is going.’”

Breaking Bad returns July 15 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

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