Indy Film Expo at MegaCon 2005 in Orlando, Florida

Official Press Release

MELBOURNE, FLA (December 14, 2004) -- Each year a crowd of over 30,000 fans return to Orlando's Orange County Convention Center for Megacon-- a convention specializing in the very best in Anime, Comics, Collectibles, Horror, Science Fiction, & Film.

3 Boys Productions, the founders of the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival, have been invited to host a film program at Megacon 2005 called the "Indy Film Expo." The "Indy Film Expo" will showcase short independent films in the genres of action, animation, anime, comedy, superheroes, science fiction, suspense, and horror on Friday night, Sept 25th. Program chairman Terry Cronin states "this will naturally be a fun program that will bring independent and genre films to a wider audience."

The films for this program are selected by 3 Boys Productions and all proceeds will benefit ACTOR. ACTOR (A Commitment To Our Roots) Comic Fund is the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need.

"It's with the help and support of programs like Indy Film Expo that ACTOR does the work it does. We are pleased to be the benefactor for this highly anticipated Megacon event," said Jim McLauchlin, President of ACTOR Comic Fund.

3 Boys Productions will also host a panel discussion on "Independent Filmmaking" as part of this year's Megacon.

For more info on Megacon, go to www.megaconvention.com

For more info on ACTOR, go to www.actorcomicfund.org

For more info on Megacon's "Indy Film Expo" and MIFF, go to www.3boysproductions.com

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