Indy Comic Book Week preview: <i>The Venger: Dead Man Rising #2</i>

Matt Spatola's The Venger: Dead Man Rising is one of several books that will be available during Indy Comic Book Week, i.e. on Dec. 30, at select stores.

"The second issue is out now and will be available for purchase, as well as the first issue, at several of the Indy Comic Book Week supporting stores including Brain Storm Comics in Chicago and others that are still being finalized," Spatola said. "The series is created and written by me, with art in issue 2 by Tim Baskin. The first issue featured art by Jason Ossman."

Solicitation information and a preview of the first five pages can be found after the jump.

If you have a comic book that will be in shops the week of Dec. 30 and would like to send us a few pages as a preview, drop me an email. Be sure to include all the pertinent information, like price, where it'll be sold and all that good stuff.


Written by Matthew SpatolaArt by Tim BaskinLetters by Brant Fowler and Cary Kelly

32p, b&w $2.95

Crime and despair. Violence and fear. The city is under siege. Years ago it had a protector, the Venger, who brought his justice to those who brought evil. Now he is old and memories of him have faded from the minds of the people. But the enemy and his brand of evil have returned and no one else understands. He will be needing help this time. A new Venger will take up the fight. But how far will he go to destroy the enemy. And will he destroy his family in the process?

Following last issue's devastating attack by the mysterious Black Mercy, Michael Cabot has been rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Now what will be Alexander Cabot's- the Venger from years past- next move as he attempts to solve the city's ongoing crime wave. Is he correct, has his long dead foe returned for the ultimate revenge?

For people who want to purchase The Venger: Dead Man Rising #2 online it is available for sale on Indyplanet.com; the first issue is also available. Readers can also purchase either issue of The Venger: Dead Man Rising online at the blog for the series.

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