Indy Comic Book Week preview: <i>Dead Man Holiday</i>

Here's another preview of a release that's hitting shops next week in conjunction with Indy Comic Book Week. The third issue of Colin Panetta's hand-painted Dead Man Holiday will be available in shops in New York, Texas, Illinois and several other locations (check out the complete list here). And if you're worried that you've missed too much of the story to enjoy the book's third issue, fear not -- the first two issues can be downloaded from the book's website.

According to the press release for the book:

The series’ plot centers around Thad Planck, a low-rent security guard in a flooded and abandoned neighborhood known as Little Atlantis, where there have been some strange things growing and walking around as of late. The fittingly aloof blurb for the new issue reads: "Little Atlantis is getting weird. So when a straw (in the form of a falcon carrying a dismembered hand) breaks the camel's (our man Thad Planck's, that is) back, the camel decides to strike back and show the weirdness who's in charge. But not before making a sandwich. Can Thad keep Little Atlantis in check? Not without a little help from his friends. Or maybe just not at all."

Check out five pages of previews after the jump.

If you have a comic book that will be in some shops next Wednesday and would like to send us a few pages as a preview, drop me an email. Be sure to include all the pertinent information, like price, where it'll be sold and all that good stuff.

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