Industry Reacts To Alonso As Marvel E-i-C

While the news marked an unexpected start to the new year, the fact that Marvel Comics named longtime editor Axel Alonso to the post of Editor-in-Chief this week at least wasn't a shock in terms of the man involved.

A ten-year veteran of the House of Ideas and an even longer fixture in comics, Alonso is a well-known face to both comic fans, creators and industry executives. While CBR News gained a look inside what his large stable of freelancers saw as his strengths during his ten-year anniversary with Marvel last September, there are still plenty of new reactions and opinions working their way around the web since the news of his promotion hit yesterday. The news team at Robot 6 rounded up many of the public reactions to Marvel's latest E-i-C including Matt Fraction, Dan Slott and Erik Larsen, and CBR News reached out to many of the executives from Marvel's competitors as well as retailers for their take on the new head of Editorial for the comic book business' leading publisher. Check them out below!

Scott Allie, Senior Editor at Dark Horse

This is great news for comics, because it shows that Marvel's committed to making good books. You'd hate to see Joe's spot get filled with someone lacking vision. It's good for the health of the art form to have someone like Axel guiding things."

Chris Ryall, Editor-in-Chief of IDW

I think Joe built a helluva foundation in his decade tenure and wish both Axel and Tom well in building on what they've both accomplished so far. Both guys seem to bring separate strengths to their respective gigs, too: Tom always seemed to me as the guy who really cares very deeply about the characters and has a strong sense of history, and Axel has struck a nice chord in trying new things and pushing these characters into different directions. That's a nice combination for keeping the company headed in direction Joe set.

Eric Stephenson, Publisher of Image Comics

I suppose this is good news for Axel. From what I understand, he's more or less been doing the job since Quesada was made CCO, so it's nice for him that it's finally official. I'm not sure how much difference this is going to make, though. I don't expect much will change. I think Pete Townshend put it best: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."

Gerry Gladston of Midtown Comics

Congrats to Axel! Considering his previous work at DC/Vertigo, Marvel Knights, and various Marvel books, we're really looking forward to him putting his editorial touch on Marvel's entire stable of books. There are only good things to come!

Ross Richie, Publisher of BOOM! Studios

I've been a fan of Axel's editing since his Vertigo days and sought out books he edited because he worked on them.  Count me a fan from way back, he deserves all the success and the big promotion.  Axel - and the entire team at Marvel - continue to do an impressive job of pushing boundaries and testing out new ideas, which is what we all need in the business.  With the degree of success Axel's had, it would be easy to skip the risk and reap the accolades: it's a credit to his talent that he refuses to take the easy road but keeps pushing the creative envelope with results that are often examples of the best the business has to offer.  Hats off to you, Axel, I can't wait to see what you do next!

Big congrats to Tom Brevoort as well, a fixture at Marvel for so long, and a deft hand behind so many titles that I've enjoyed.  One of my first questions when we hired Mark Waid as Editor-in-Chief was what it was like to work with Tom and Mark's unqualified endorsement matched everything that I'd heard was so positive about Tom for years.  Love the books he puts out, a very talented and creative guy!  Get back to work, Tom, I need more books to read!

Matt Gagnon, Editor-in-Chief of BOOM! Studios

Axel has been a part of some of the best and brightest comics of the last 20 years--it's a resume that boasts a Murderers' Row of seminal comics!  I have a ton of respect for what Axel has done in his career.  One of the best editors in the industry taking up the E-i-C position at Marvel is terrific news.  Big congrats, Axel!  I'm looking forward to seeing you and the gang usher Mighty Marvel into an awesome new era!

Nick Barrucci, President of Dynamite Entertainment

Axel is undeniably the guy for the job. He's smart, even keeled, knows how to walk people through projects, great at listening, and know when to give input and when NOT to give input. I first met Axel in the mid-nineties in the Vertigo/DC offices. I was working with Jae (Lee) to try and set up a Hellshock/Hellblazer X-Over. It didn't come together at the time. Fast Forward to the Marvel Knights dinner in Chicago with Joe Q throwing generously throwing the dinner party out of his own pocket, and Axel being wooed by Joe and Bill (Jemas), and it was an interesting conversation Axel letting Bill know what he looked for in stories. I think to his credit, Joe was the one to bring Axel in. He knew of Axel's potential, and knew that he HAD to be at Marvel. Joe was right. Axel made the right decision. Fast Forward to today, if you look at the "X" Books - one of Marvel's longest running titles AND the most books to balance - and the way Axel keeps all of the trains moving, working with creative left, right and center, and keeping up the quality with great creative - I mean the guy saw promise in so many creators from Matt Fraction to Rick Remender to Kieron Gillen to so many more - he's the right person for the job. Cannot wait to see what's next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William Christensen, Publisher of Avatar

Axel has fantastic taste in material, a deft hand at guiding talent, and the vision to pull off some truly exciting books for Marvel. There is no one else in the industry better suited for being the new E-I-C of Marvel and I wish him all the best. Axel, cheers to you my friend.

Check back with CBR later this week for a chat with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso and an exit interview with outgoing Marvel E-i-C Joe Quesada.

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