Industry reactions to Marvel's Axe-cellent news

The news broke yesterday that Axel Alonso will take over as editor-in-chief of Marvel Entertainment, following Joe Quesada's shift in focus to Marvel's multimedia initiatives. Here's a few reactions over the last couple days from various folks around the industry:

Tom Spurgeon: "I don't know Alonso at all, not even a little bit, but he strikes me as a comics-first guy in a period in comics history where Marvel as a publishing company could use every bit of close attention that comes with having a savvy, comics-first guy in that position. That's not in any way implied commentary on Joe Quesada, I swear. I'm comparing Alonso to other people that might hold that position in this day and age, not to his predecessor. Quesada's run would have to be termed a big success. Moreover, he leaves that historical position I believe still generally well-liked and certainly widely admired, which is sort of astonishing given the decisions that job calls for over time."

Tom Brevoort: "This is Axel's moment. He shouldn't have to share the spotlight. He well deserves it."

Jason Aaron: "My bold prediction: the Axel Alonso era at Marvel will be just as exciting and groundbreaking as the Joe Q one, only with more cursing."

Dan Slott: "Huge congrats to @axelalonsomarv and @TomBrevoort on their promotions. And world's biggest THANKS to @JoeQuesada for all of his support! :)"

Matt Fraction: "Now DC looks like precognitive geniuses for republishing all that Axel-edited Vertigo work last month."

Erik Larsen: "So, wait--Marvel is promoting the guy who took the X-Men from being their #1 franchise to being titles with no heat whatsoever? Seriously?"

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