Indigo Kelleigh Kickstarts <i>Ellie Connelly</i>

I have been a fan of Indigo Kelleigh's Tintinesque webcomic Ellie Connelly and the Eye of the Vortex almost since it launched, but that's a frustrating avocation, as Kelleigh has to earn a living (among other things, he is the director of the Stumptown Comics Fest), so the comic tends to proceed in fits and starts.

Now Kelleigh is joining the legions of creators who are hoping to fund some creative time via Kickstarter. Kelleigh's pitch is ambitious: He is trying to raise $25,000, which he reckons will cover his living expenses for a year while he completes Ellie Connelly, as well as the cost of producing a 64-page print edition of the first volume. The goodies for contributors include a nifty 4 GB flash drive (with Ellie Connelly logo!) for storing the comics, which is a nice touch, as well as the usual assortment of comics, sketches, and the opportunity to be drawn into the comic as an extra or a named character. Kelleigh has a long way to go here—as of this morning, he had raised less than $1,000—but it's a nice book and if he can finish it, it should find an enthusiastic audience.

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