Indie comic 'The Interman' headed to the Silver Screen

The IntermanAccording to last week's Variety, comic scribe Jeff Parker's self-published comic "The Interman" has been optioned by Paramount Pictures. A figure said to be mid-six figures was paid for the rights to the book with producer Gale Anne Hurd's Valhalla Motion Pictures producing the movie.

CBR News caught up with parker to learn more about "The Interman," the latest of a growing list of comic books headed to the big screen. Parker released the first issue of "The Interman," which saw release just a few weeks ago, under his own Octopus Publishing.

"Van Meach is the living result of a Cold War project named Interman, designed to make the world's most adaptable operatives," Parker told CBR News when asked to describe "The Interman." "Sabotage brings the operation down, and the infant Van is placed with foster parents rather than trained for battle. When the present day CIA unearth his existence and suspect him of being a global threat, the national alliance sends out hitmen everywhere to end Interman once and for all."

While Parker was always hopeful that Hollywood would take notice of "The Interman," he was well aware that getting the attention of the right people would not be an easy task.

"Knowing how hard it is for a small publisher and relative unknown like myself to make people aware of a new book, I was really hoping studios would see the potential for film. Mainly so I could channel that interest into longevity for the book. Lots of readers are wary of new characters, but the fact that Paramount thinks moviegoers would turn out for 'The Interman' should generate interest. I want to do future volumes through Octopus, and the Hollywood deal makes that possible."

Moving "The Interman" to the big screen was helped along by Ford Gilmore, best known to comic fans for his recent work on the DC/Wildstorm series "Thundercats.""The movie strategy was all the brainchild of Ford Gilmore of IlluminatiEntertainment," said Parker. "He has years of experience with studio executives, and pretty much threw everything he had into it! He kept focused on taking 'Interman' out as a film property, which freed me up to finish the book and get it ready for the printer." Gilmore will share a co-producing credit on the film.

Parker may have created "The Interman" and wrote the comic, but don't expect to see him penning the script to the film, which is fine by the scribe.

"As far as I can tell they plan on making this a big project, and as such are going for a heavyweight writer with a good track record. That's fine, my limited involvement is better for the comics."

As mentioned above, the film will be produced by Gale Anne Hurd's Valhalla Motion Pictures. Hurd's name may be familiar to comic fans as she's been behind many other comics that headed to the big screen such as the movie "Virus," the upcoming "The Punisher" and this summer's "The Hulk." Valhalla Senior VP of production Jeff Davidson brought the project into Valhalla and will co-produce with Hurd.

For more Infromation on "The Interman," visit the official Web site. For a review of "The Interman," read the February 4th edition of Pipeline Commentary. Look for more news on "The Interman" here soon at CBR.

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