Indiana Jones Adventures #1

Set in 1930, long before the adventures of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" or "Temple of Doom," this first volume of Indiana Jones adventures offers another format for high-action Indiana Jones stories. Crafted in digest format, this book is a self-contained adventure that offers a quick hit for those rabid fans of Indy.

And therein lies the problem —- it's a quick hit. Easily consumed in one sitting, this story follows Indy's adventures as he encounters Dr. Theresa Lawrence of the British Museum as both attempt to track down a mysterious ring.

Philip Gelatt delivers an Indiana Jones story set in the days before Indy was more set in his ways. What Gelatt does not do, however, is spend any time explaining who Indiana Jones is, or what his quest truly is in broad terms. That said, most people know of Indiana Jones, and shouldn't be too lost without prior knowledge. Certainly, if you've seen any of the Indiana Jones films, then you're in with the concepts put forth here and should be able to enjoy a straight ahead read.

Ethen Beavers takes Indy Jones and the world of everyone's favorite archaeologist and gives it the old animated flair. The characters here look like they could easily walk alongside any of the WB cartoons of the past decade. The work Beavers puts in here limits itself to the format, never stretching beyond 6 panels on the page, which works very well for the smaller digest dimensions.

In all, this books offers Indiana Jones adventure and even puts Indy into conflict with Belloq while consulting his old friend, Marcus Brody. Fans of the Indiana Jones galaxy looking for another hit would do well to give this book a spin, as Dark Horse is almost certainly planning additional volumes of this type of tale.

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