‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Surges to $102.1 Million International Box Office

"Independence Day: Resurgence" is expected to have a fairly disappointing opening weekend, with its estimated $41.6 million haul giving it a second place finish behind "Finding Dory," which is in its second week of release. Made on a production budget of $165 million, Fox will be hoping for bigger international returns on the blockbuster sequel to feel comfortable with their profits. Fortunately, the first worldwide box office results are encouraging.

Variety reports that Roland Emmerich's film will take in a solid $102.1 million from 21,872 screens across 57 international markets by the end of the weekend. The film managed to score the fourth-highest opening for a Fox title ever in China, nabbing $37.3 million from 6,047 screens. The company also got their biggest Indian opening ever out of the film, adding $3.5 million to their total. South Korea brought in $7.4 million, the U.K. added $7.3 million, Mexico generated $6.8 million, and Taiwan came in at $3.7 million.

It's a good sign for "Resurgence's" profitability, with 11 more markets opening the film next weekend. The original "Independence Day" grossed $306 million domestically with $511 million internationally, so there's a bit of a legacy to which it has to live up.

Other films also had solid overseas numbers, including "Now You See Me 2," which opened in China over the weekend. The Lionsgate film brought in $43.3 million from that country alone, the lion's share of its $51 million international haul from 55 markets, which brings its grand international total to $107.7 million.

"Finding Dory" added another $37 million from 37 markets, growing its overseas take to $110.3. Another animated film "The Secret Life of Pets," bowed into 700 sites across the U.K., Ireland, and Norway, netting $15.2 million. The $9 million earned in the U.K. makes it the fourth-highest grossing original animated opening weekend of all time for that market.

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