<i>Independence Day</i> Director Launches A New Alien Invasion

Roland Emmerich, the filmmaker responsible for disaster epics like Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, is returning to the topic of destructive alien invasions -- but sadly, it's not the ID4 sequel we've all been hoping for.

Instead, Emmerich is preparing to shoot a movie called The Zone, a found footage film along the lines of Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity. Little is known about the plot beyond rumors of an alien invasion as told through the perspective of a news crew, with an aging journalist and a young cameraman reportedly the lead characters.

Heat Vision notes that The Zone has roughly $5 million to its budget, representing quite a leap from the massive big budget fare that Emmerich is used to. Sony is said to be distributing the picture, which boasts a script from French writer-director Guillaume Tunzini. Shooting begins mid-November.

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