Elastigirl Was Always The Real Star Of The Incredibles


Pixar's foremost superhero family are back after a 14 year absence, with the first full trailer released last week. The Incredibles remains one of the studios most beloved films (which is really saying something considering virtually every Pixar movie is well-loved) and -- with superhero movies still holding onto their popularity peak -- the sequel couldn't have come at a better time. In the wake of yet another poorly received Fantastic Four film, it's also a nice reminder that superhero family stories can work really well when done right.

The first trailer for The Incredibles 2 reacquaints us with the superpowered Parr family: Bob and Helen (Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl) and their three kids, Dash, Violet and Jack-Jack, and gets us up to speed on how what's changed in the time between the first and second film. It seems that there's been a big role reversal after the family re-assumed their outlawed superhero identities to thwart supervillain Syndrome. Elastigirl, more popular than ever before, has been headhunted by a superhero-loving tycoon and persuaded to return to her heroism career, leaving Bob to look after the kids.

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Most of the trailer is devoted to "stay-at-home Dad fails," with Mr. Incredible struggling to do everything from helping with math homework to staying awake during storytime. Meanwhile, we get a few shots of Elastigirl speeding around town like a super-celebrity in direct contrast to Bob's un-glamorous new full-time job. "Parenting is a heroic task... done properly," Edna Mode assures him in the most assuring tone that someone like Edna Mode can muster.

The trailer's release was met with plenty of excitement but it's also sparked some debate and even backlash. Some fans have taken to Twitter and YouTube's comment sections to decry what they see as a deliberate decentering and emasculation of the family's patriarch in the sequel to propel his wife into the hero spotlight, supposedly to satisfy some kind of insidious feminist or "SJW" agenda.

This is very clearly wrong.

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