Does Incredibles 2 Have a Post-Credits Scene?

WARNING: The following article contains a minor spoiler for Incredibles 2, in theaters now.

When you wait 14 years for a sequel, you want as much sequel as you can get! With that in mind, and although Incredibles 2 is just short of two hours long, we imagine many fans will get to the end of the film and be eagerly awaiting a mid or post-credits scene. Well, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but there isn’t one.

The popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has forced other studios to borrow several of the more unique aspects of the studio's marketing strategy. While Hollywood’s most successful shared universe can't claim to have invented the post credit scene, it has made the additional footage a staple that audiences are willing to wait through several minutes of scrolling text for.

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Now, it’s no secret that the Parr family are loosely based on the Fantastic Four, but they are not actually part of the Marvel Universe; in fact, The Incredibles predates the MCU by 4 years. So, before Iron Man sparked a big screen phenomenon in 2008, Brad Bird and Pixar combined CG superheroics with the family dynamic to score a home run. So, we shouldn’t expect the franchise to follow any current trends, even one that has proved to be as much of a crowd pleaser as the post-credit sequence.

We should also note that the folks at Pixar have their own traditions when it comes to extras being added to films. The studio often includes award-winning shorts before its feature films; most recently, it gave us Sanjay’s Super Team in front of 2015’s The Good Dinosaur, Piper ahead of 2016’s Finding Dory, and Lou as a lead-in to Cars 3 last year. So, as you would expect, Incredibles 2 is preceded by an awesome little film as well. This short is a Chinese reimagining of The Gingerbread Man folktale titled Bao. Instead of a gingerbread cookie, a bao bun comes to life and is cared for by its lonely maker. So, there you go, you get your traditional Pixar bonus before the action of Incredibles 2 even kicks off.

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Written and directed once again by Brad Bird, Incredibles 2 stars Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson, Sophia Bush, Bob Odenkirk, Catherine Keener, Jonathan Banks, Sarah Vowell, Isabella Rossellini and Brad Bird. The film opens Friday nationwide.

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