Incredibles 2 Has a Lot in Common With Marvel's Movies


WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Incredibles 2, in theaters now.

When The Incredibles first released in 2004, there was no such thing as a superhero cinematic universe. 14 years ago, we couldn’t conceive of a film like Avengers: Infinity War, a massive epic that took 10 years of storytelling to build toward. Of course, we probably also couldn’t believe that we would have to wait 14 years for a sequel to one of the greatest superhero films of all time, but here we are.

Thankfully, our Disney fairy godmothers have granted our wishes, and Incredibles 2 has finally arrived in theaters. And along the way, it looks like Incredibles 2 may have been influenced by the superhero films that have come out since its first movie. Superhero tropes are common across media these days, but we’ve noticed a lot of elements very specific to the Marvel Cinematic Universe that appear to have popped up in Incredibles 2. And now that Disney owns Marvel Studios, we may have to consider Incredibles 2 as basically an unofficial animated MCU film.

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The Sokovia Accords / the Super Relocation Program

Sokovia Accords Captain America Civil War

In the MCU, the Sokovia Accords was a coming together of many nations, including the usually secretive Wakanda, to sign the historic treaty that regulated the actions of enhanced individuals. Under this treaty, the Avengers are not allowed to act unless they get approval from the United Nations. This would severely limit the team's actions, like the Super Relocation Program in The Incredibles.

The Super Relocation Program was a government service that assisted a superhero’s transition to civilian life. This program made it so that superheroes went into hiding — they couldn’t use their powers because it became illegal to do so. In Incredibles 2, a wealthy man wants to change the laws and public perception of supers, so he sponsored an event that gathered ambassadors together to sign a document about superheroes. Sounds familiar, right?

During the Sokovia Accords, there is an explosion, resulting in the death of Black Panther's father. When the ambassadors in Incredibles 2 sign to make superheroes legal again, there is also an attack. Supervillains like attacking when there’s a large gathering, which is a motivation all of our favorite Marvel franchises have used. Fan favorite MCU villain Loki is known for wanting to put on a show, in fact, such as the German museum scene in the first Avengers movie.

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