Who's the True Villain of The Incredibles 2?

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles 2, in theaters now.

One of the main things which made 2004's The Incredibles memorable, not just as a family adventure, but as a superhero flick, was the villain the altruistic and ambitious Parr family faced. Buddy Pine, aka Syndrome, wasn't simply interested in taking over the world. He was an immature grown-up who was once a superfan and felt rejected by Mr. Incredible, a hero he idolized as a kid.

Thanks to his wounded ego, Syndrome grew up despising the concept of superheroes, viewing them as arrogant individuals who looked down on mankind. With this relationship looming large over the film's plot, we ended up getting a fun-filled ride and more so, a personal dynamic with the Incredibles trying to save the world, as well as Buddy's soul.

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Come the highly-anticipated Incredibles 2, fans were eager to see if the new nemesis, Screenslaver, could live up to the standards Syndrome set. And while Screenslaver does have a strong villainous presence for the most part, the film ends up offering audiences a very intriguing twist regarding the identity of the true villain of the story.

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