Incredibles 2: A Complete Guide to Jack-Jack's Many Powers


SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers ahead for Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles 2, in theaters now.

Baby Jack-Jack is probably the cutest character in both The Incredibles and Incredibles 2, but could it be that he’s also one of the most powerful characters? Though Incredibles 2 has released 14 years after its predecessor, John “Jack-Jack” Jackson Parr is still an infant since the sequel's story takes place just after the first movie’s ending. But baby or not, the kid’s got some powers!

In The Incredibles and the short “Jack-Jack Attack,” we only saw a small sample of Jack-Jack’s abilities. Incredibles 2, on the other hand, revealed much more, including him getting an updated super suit. Below, we give you a complete breakdown of Jack-Jack’s many powers!

The Incredibles

Jack-Jack fire The Incredibles

Jack-Jack is a happy blubbering baby for the entire duration of the first Incredibles movie. That is, until someone tries to kidnap him. When Syndrome tries to take Jack-Jack away from his family, one of Jack-Jack’s powers emerges – he’s a shapeshifter!

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Jack-Jack, in a brief tussle with Syndrome, is able to alter his skin so it self-combusts (we can see his body through the flames, so we’re assuming it’s just his skin). He also turns himself into metal so heavy that Syndrome nearly drops him. Jack-Jack’s ability lets him take on many forms, including a devil creature. Where he got the inspiration for that form we’ll never know, but it’s pretty scary even though it’s baby-sized.

“Jack-Jack Attack”

Jack-Jack Attack Kari babysitting

Prior to Syndrome’s attempted kidnapping, Violet and Dash called for a babysitter for Jack-Jack before leaving to help their mom find their dad. The unfortunate babysitter, Kari, left frantic voicemails for Helen because Jack-Jack started exhibiting powers, which we saw in the short “Jack-Jack Attack.”

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Kari puts on classical music for Jack-Jack’s “cognitive development,” but Jack-Jack has a better idea – teleportation hide and seek! He teleports himself throughout the house, and he decides his snack will be best enjoyed while levitating to the ceiling. Poor Kari also has to contend with Jack-Jack phasing through the walls of the house and shooting laser beams out of his eyes. Whatever she was paid, it probably wasn’t enough!

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