Incredibles 2's Best Easter Eggs and References

incredibles 2

WARNING: The following articles contains spoilers for Pixar's Incredibles 2, in theaters now.

After 14 long years, Pixar finally released the sequel to its 2004 hit The Incredibles, with the Parr family picks up (literally) right where they left off in the original, leaving Dash's track meet only to find a new villain wreaking havoc on their city. Having only just been given the go-ahead to return to superhero duties, the family springs into action to defeat the Underminer, but they fail and once again are on the hook for the millions in damage. They're forced to go into hiding once more until the Deavors, billionaire siblings and superhero superfans, offer to help the family and, supers in general, with some positive PR.

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The sequel has predictably crushed at the box office, setting a new record for an animated movie with its $180 million opening weekend. It outpaced former record holder Finding Dory by $45 million, and probably won't slow down anytime soon. A good portion of those fans contributing to box office returns are no doubt Pixar acolytes whose eyes are peeled for Easter eggs the studio is widely known for dropping in each of its films. Entire fan theories have been based on things like Monster's Inc. hero Sully's face showing up in a carving in Brave, so the hunt for subtle references can be rewarding.

But not everyone has the time or attention span to rewatch a bunch of Pixar movies and then sit in a darkened theater scribbling down anything that might be significant. So we did it for you. Here's every Easter egg and reference we caught from Incredibles 2.

A Familiar Face

The woman Bob Parr assists at the beginning of 2004's The Incredibles while he's working at Insuracare appears again in the sequel during the opening battle against the Underminer, where she distracts Dash by asking for help.

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Speaking of Insuracare, Bob still has his company mug and drinks out of it while he's home taking care of Violet, Dash and Jack Jack after Helen begins her new job. That's one of the many references to the fact that, despite their powers, the Parrs are not well-off -- they're legitimately two weeks away from homelessness after the debacle with the Underminer sends them underground once more.

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