Incredibles 2 Cast & Character Guide

It has taken almost a decade and a half for Brad Bird and Pixar to finally follow up their superhero family classic The Incredibles, which introduced us to the super-powered crime-fighting duo Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl 15 years after their heyday. By the time of the 2004 film, they had settled down together and had three powered kids. Due to Supers being outlawed, though, the family was forced to live as civilians in something akin to a witness relocation program.

Now, we won’t hold it against you if you don’t remember exactly who is who and which powers they have. While The Parrs are definitely reminiscent of the Fantastic Four, the power sets are swapped or entirely different. Below, we will give you a quick refresher on the Parr clan, their allies, the baddies they keep in check and the newly introduced Wannabe Supers. Amazingly, almost all the actors that voiced the main characters in the original are back for Incredibles 2, so we will also highlight the cast.

The Parr Family

Bob Parr, aka Mr. Incredible

Mr. Parr is a Superman analogue. He possesses superhuman strength, near invulnerability and even an ability similar to Peter Parker’s Spidey Sense, called Danger Sense. In the first film, Bob is 40 years-old, overweight and has been reduced to working as an insurance salesman in the suburbs -- that is, until he is summoned for a secret mission. In Incredibles 2, Bob has become a stay-at-home dad so that his wife Helen can once again fight crime and sway public opinion back in favor of Supers. Bob Parr is voiced by Craig T. Nelson.

Helen Parr, aka Elastigirl

Helen’s main power is being a super mom, but her special capability is being able stretch her body like Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four. In the first film, she misses the action of being a Super, but is content with her happy and healthy family. However, in the new film, Elastigirl has been asked to come out of retirement to help change the public perception about Supers. Helen Parr is voiced by Holly Hunter.

Dashiell “Dash” Parr

Dash is Bob and Helen's 10-year-old son. His power is super speed, much like the Flash or Quicksilver. He is overconfident and full of energy. In the initial movie, he doesn’t understand why he and his family have to keep their powers secret and sees it as unfair that he can’t compete in sports at school. It doesn’t look like much has changed in Incredibles 2. Dash is voiced by Huck Milner, who is the only actor in the Parr family that is not a returning cast member.

Violet Parr

Violet is the eldest Parr child. Her powers include invisibility and force field projection, similar to Invisible Woman's power set from Fantastic Four. In The Incredibles, she was a shy teenager, who was unsure of herself and her powers. In the new film, she is going through puberty while having to help her dad take care of the household. She has also started to master her force field abilities. Violet is voiced by Sarah Vowell.

Jack-Jack Parr

While Jack-Jack is the baby of the family, he may be the most powerful Super ever. At the end of the last film, it was revealed he had multiple powers and zero control over any of them. In Incredibles 2, he has been shown to have powers like laser vision, teleportation, shapeshifting (into a gremlin-like creature), electrokinesis and self-combustion like the Human Torch. In terms of the Fantastic Four comparison, he is similar to Franklin Richards. Jack-Jack is voiced by Eli Fucile.

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